A Koranic controversy

  Production Ed 17:09 20 Oct 2008

Has this been discussed? Some phrases from the Koran have appeared in the soundtrack to a Playstation game and some Muslim gamers aren't happy

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  peter99co 17:13 20 Oct 2008

Sony says its will remove phrases from LittleBigPlanet so the problem may have been resolved already. Hopefully no damaged done.

  rawprawn 17:13 20 Oct 2008

There is always some religious sect unhappy about something, why do they have to be so dogmatic.
Religion is the biggest cause of controversy in the world.

  newman35 17:47 20 Oct 2008

"Religion is the opium of the people" - Karl Marx.

Without it, what on earth would keep us all in line??

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:58 20 Oct 2008

Bet if the music was from the Bible and teh Archbish of wherever complained, Sony would take naff all notice. Ho hum.


  DrScott 18:03 20 Oct 2008

Sony were not out to be offensive.

We take religious sensibilities too far.

  rawprawn 18:12 20 Oct 2008

It has just been said on the BBC news that she was shot by the Taliban because she was preaching Christianity!
Just how sad can we get where religion is concerned.

  Bingalau 18:32 20 Oct 2008

Religion seems to be at the center of all the trouble in the world.

  DrScott 18:35 20 Oct 2008

poverty and poor education are fairly good contenders Bingalau...

Much rabble rousing is done by inflaming people's prejudices and fears, which are usually borne out of poor education and poverty.

Religion just happens to be a rather potent medium.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:39 20 Oct 2008

Muslim and Christian teachings are very similar it is just the Sky Pilot's earthly emissary where the difference really lies and the fact that Gabriel knocked out the scriptures to one person in a relatvely short space of time as opposed to a bunch of followers bashing them out all over the shop, over a long period of time, after some 'divine' guidance (probably in the form of a good telling off for downright laziness) and at least 2 generations after the events occurred.
Any member of either religion killing another of teh opposite religion must make God not best pleased with the way things have worked out as they are technically all working for him/her/it and batting for the same side.


  Legolas 18:39 20 Oct 2008

According to the ITV news she was shot for working for a Christian organisation not for preaching Christianity. But whatever the reason it is still murder and it is very sad that those in Afghanistan trying to help those who have become victims of the war there are now being targeted

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