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Know anyone who's never used the Internet?

  simonjary 10:45 15 Feb 2012

Know anyone who's never used the Internet?

Over 15% of UK adults have never used internet

  dagbladet 10:53 15 Feb 2012

Harry Redknapp?

  Aitchbee 11:09 15 Feb 2012

Yes. My brother Billy, who lives in Ireland, has never used the Internet,and has never owned a mobile phone...he's such a sensible chap!

  Quickbeam 11:32 15 Feb 2012

Mater 85, sisters 62 & 64 plus various elderly neighbors.

Three is definitely age age divide with this. The attitude past 60ish, is I'm all for it and not frightened at all as some of our senior members are placed, or Ohhhhhh.... I don't know about this.... Noooooo it's not for me at all... no, no, nooooo.

  Quickbeam 12:24 15 Feb 2012

...but not new shoes.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:32 15 Feb 2012

My parents in their Eighties refuse to have a computer in the house.

The problems we had with the digital switch over and a new flat screen TV my mother still only watches the 5 "terrestrial" channels :0)

My wife also will get me or the children to go on the internet for her and only then for the ASDA price check.

Oh well little steps - once I've got the Humax connected to the network I'll introduce her to catch up TV :0)

  Legolas 13:57 15 Feb 2012

Yes my father aged 91 has never been on the internet I have bought things for him but he has never worked a computer or connected to the internet.....and I suspect he never will.

  Clapton is God 14:27 15 Feb 2012

My 83-year old Mum, who always comments when she visits us and I'm using the PC "Are you playing with that toy, again?".

  amonra 14:49 15 Feb 2012

My 80 yr old neighbour, not averse to learning new things, does not use the old laptop I gave her because "I haven't got the time" !!! I got it to work off my wireless router, showed her which buttons to press, but no, haven't got time, I'll try it later on. I give up.

  Toneman 15:47 15 Feb 2012

But who has built a crystal set ...or a superhet?

  Pine Man 15:54 15 Feb 2012


But who has built a crystal set....

Me and I used it to listen to Radio Luxemburg under my bedclothes at boarding school on a Sunday night when the top twenty was on!

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