Knife sales plummet

  smartpoly 13:58 20 Jul 2009

as diners choose to eat with just a fork.
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I cannot ever rember eating with just a fork!

fingers only on many an occasion though.

  Brumas 14:15 20 Jul 2009

How does one manage to cut one's meat then?

  Quickbeam 14:26 20 Jul 2009

That's why I don't like the MacDonald's type of eating experience. We're getting a generation of kids that can't comprehend table etiquette for any formal dinner occasion.

  Bingalau 14:28 20 Jul 2009

Mummy cuts it in to bite size portions before serving it up..

  Brumas 14:30 20 Jul 2009


  dagbladet 14:46 20 Jul 2009

I prefer to eat with just a fork. Generally it's easier. On the rare occassion that I attend a formal function (PM and CDS last week) I am just about able to get by without too much embarassment. One finds that if the meat is tender, the side of one's fork copes admirably, if a knife is required, one simply uses any of the vast array that one finds to the right of ones plate. One's mummy is rarely required to cut.

  wiz-king 16:50 20 Jul 2009

Portions are getting smaller?

  Brumas 18:00 20 Jul 2009

Just as long as it is reflected in the price but, having said that I still would use a knife to 'push' it onto the fork.

  Brumas 18:02 20 Jul 2009

Hang about - not all of us are ex-booties ;o) Just re-read what you wrote!

  laurie53 08:38 21 Jul 2009

Because my wife can only use one hand she uses a "cutting" fork.

I realised a month or so ago that I had got into the habit of just using a fork myself.

I now make a conscious effort to return to the more civilized norms of behaviour (civilized to me that is, the rest of you can please yourselves!)

Americans, of course, rarely, if ever, use knives, and I have, in the past, been the subject of intense interest when eating in US mess halls and the like!

  Armchair 10:17 21 Jul 2009

Most of the main meals I prepare require a knife and fork, you can buy a perfectly good sixteen piece cutlery set for a fiver anyway, and those alleged meals shown in that article look bloody awful.

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