Kitchen floor time to go what would you do?

  SparkyJack 09:57 01 Jul 2014

The kitchen floor is like me showing signs of its age,

So to replace it I have decided vxinyyl. a Instead of it being DIY job,as all previouly- I'm considering to get a man who can.

So do I get the material and the man to fit it.

Over get /the man first /show him the job,select the material and allow him to obtain what he needs?

The layout is straight forward 3mx1.5m. But many pattern runs-woowd simulation for example run in the wrong direction in the run on the roll.

  carver 11:15 01 Jul 2014

SparkyJack find the floor covering you want then have the shop give you a price for fitting, then any mistakes it up to shop to rectify the problem.

Try 2-3 shops first for prices.

  spuds 12:13 01 Jul 2014

The area isn't all that large, so perhaps best to get an inclusive quote for the supplier to do the work.

Take into consideration that some company's or their sub-contractor might want a clear area before they start the work!.

  SparkyJack 13:25 01 Jul 2014

Thanks all. As mentioned I done it on three occasions in the past,cutting templates for door recesses, how ever kneeling and all that is beyond me now.

Clearing the space is easy ull out the kick boards and washing machine valence.

Good idea to deal complete process through the shop.

  Forum Editor 13:53 01 Jul 2014

carver's suggestion is the one I favour.

  BT 17:45 01 Jul 2014

Got my new conservatory done by a professional. Fortunately my neighbour is just that and he and his son did in an hour what would have taken me days!

They laid the self levelling screed one day, about 45 mins, and came back the next day to lay the Vinyl took them about an hour. Stuck down round the edges with spray adhesive and siliconed all round. He put me right on the correct type of vinyl. The ones for conservatories are more suitable for the greater range of temperatures encountered.

  morddwyd 19:01 01 Jul 2014

Or find the covering you want, but get a couple of fitters to quote for supply and fit.

They'll be able to get a trade discount and you'll be putting a bit more money in their pockets too (no, they won't pass it on to you, they're in business).

  mbc 19:43 01 Jul 2014

BT-hope you do not have problems with dampness under the vinyl. Doubt if screed will have dried out properly if vinyl laid the following day. You will not be able to check if stuck down round edges.

  caccy 20:51 01 Jul 2014

Get a quote from an internet company for the material then go to your local carpet shop show them the quote and tell them if they can come close to it they get the job. This has two advantages 1) It helps keep a local trader in business. 2) You have someone local if things go wrong. We did this with carpeting a living room, dining room, landing stairs and hall and the difference in price was not that great.

  HondaMan 10:45 02 Jul 2014

I always get the shop to fit - they have contractors on call for this - but even then things can go wrong. The last time they fitted a floor covering in a rental house I own, they left 2 small stones under the covering. As this floor cover was fully sealed at the edges, I am wondering what they will do. What I KNOW they will NOT do is charge me. The floor was laid less than 9 months ago.

  SparkyJack 11:36 02 Jul 2014

Hondaman and others offering same advice.

Decided to get shop to do the do.

This afternoon going with daughter to sus patterns quality etc.

This will be at a chain store near her home ten miles away.

Armed with that knowledge,trot off to Hindi store near my home to get things rolling.

Thanks cone and all. J

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