Killer vegetables, well only slightly

  carver 09:53 17 Jun 2012

So if you are thinking about having veg today keep this in mind enter">">enter link description here it got even better when I read that it had something to do with National Food Safety Week.

What is National Food Safety Week, some site that warns you which foods are most likely to attack you? And the quote "Preparing hard root vegetables is something better left to the professionals" is a line that could have been from a Monty Python sketch.

How did we manage to survive for so long with out all this advice and guidance on eating veg.

  carver 09:55 17 Jun 2012

Sorry link didn't work try this enter link description here

  birdface 10:03 17 Jun 2012

Have to agree about the turnips I find them the hardest to chop up.Maybe I just need a stronger knife.

Local supermarket sells them already chopped into little squares but I prefer doing them from fresh.

Mind you that's only once a year.

  WhiteTruckMan 10:08 17 Jun 2012

I have to hold my hand up and confess that the first thing that passed through my mind when I read the title of this thread, before I even opened it up, was that very same monty python sketch!


  lotvic 13:12 17 Jun 2012

Perhaps it was all that pre-teen practice sawing logs and chopping wood with an axe for the fire, digging up and peeling spuds, turnips, etc. and helping in preparing and cooking dinner for 7 that has enabled me in my adulthood to manage somehow.

But then we'd never heard of a 'Take-away' except for the Chip Shop on rare occasions when on an outing.

  Forum Editor 13:20 17 Jun 2012

So now we have "National Food Safety Week".

The world's gone mad.

  Quickbeam 13:57 17 Jun 2012

Is there be a sequel film in the pipeline, The Return Of The Killer Vegetables (well only slightly), staring Brian Blessed and shot on location on a council allotment in Barnsley...?

  Quickbeam 13:59 17 Jun 2012

...maybe I just ate too many magic mushrooms.

  Belatucadrus 14:16 17 Jun 2012

The only accident of note we had in the Kitchen was when my mother was trying to remove the damn fool plastic wrap from a swede, the knife slipped and she ended up stabbing herself in the hand, blood everywhere.

Moral of the story beware clingfilm it'll get you every time.

  Blackhat 14:24 17 Jun 2012

30 years ago I was slicing an orange with a serrated knife and was distracted by a kitchen timer going off. Went nearly to the bone through a finger, the worst part was that there was acidic orange juice on the knife blade right into the cut.

I still have the scar and will never forget the worst pain I have suffered so far in my life.

  lotvic 15:23 17 Jun 2012

Blackhat, sounds about on par with my eye-tooth extraction 10 years ago. Full throbbing double abscess in roof of mouth - 2 months straight of antibiotics had no effect. Tooth extracted (at ordinary Dentist Surgery) through the abscess with no anaesthetic at all. I didn't move or make a sound - I must have been paralysed with pain.

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