jimv7 10:17 10 Jul 2011

ist time i have been able to access the net since having a cancerous kidney removed last monday. at least they took the right 1 out and not the left 1 that still good.

should be home after this weekend with all the catching up to do.

typing this on a hospital tv/phone/internet thingy, very painful and slow.

  Strawballs 10:22 10 Jul 2011

Sorry to hear of your problem and I wish you a good and speedy recovery.

  wellshgit 10:24 10 Jul 2011

Wishing you a speedy recovery Jim

  birdface 10:28 10 Jul 2011


You can survive on one kidney Ok but bet you will be glad to get home.

There is no place like home even though you are looked after very well in hospital.

My Brother in Law lasted 27 years with no kidneys and was one of the longest lasting patients at the Glasgow hospital that he had to attend.

Good luck and a speedy recovery.

  lotvic 12:03 10 Jul 2011

Good wishes from me, and hope you're free of pain and home soon.

(are the nurses nice?...;-)

  Brumas 12:47 10 Jul 2011

Best wishes for a speedy convalescence, take it easy and forget bungee jumping for a while ;o}}

  morddwyd 18:59 10 Jul 2011

Forget the kidney, minor detail.

The cost of that "hospital tv/phone/internet thingy" is likely to really make you feel ill.

Get well soon!

  ams4127 19:03 10 Jul 2011

Very best wishes from me, too.

  lucky1 20:33 10 Jul 2011

Hope you get well soon. Take care.

  Bald Eagle 21:32 10 Jul 2011

My wife has survived 50 years on one kidney having one removed for nephritis. Also had two babies! However, good luck in the future jimv7.

  chub_tor 09:55 11 Jul 2011

jimv7 just wanted to add my best wishes too for a speedy recovery. I had an uncle born with only one kidney, he lived to 85. This is written after the weekend so hope that you are back home and on your own network. Looking forward to your future contributions to this forum.

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