A kick up the Aristotle required

  Grey Goo 16:58 02 Jul 2013

Another set of Golden rules (where have I heard that before)potentially causing another Eurozone crisis. Greece appears to be sinking faster than they can bail out the debts. article

  fourm member 18:49 02 Jul 2013

Or not according to other news sources. EC denies setting three-day deadline

  Grey Goo 00:02 03 Jul 2013

Ah an EC denial,big surprise.

  Forum Editor 07:53 03 Jul 2013

"Eurozone leaders and the International Monetary Fund have reportedly given Greece three days to offer reassurances it can meet bailout conditions or its latest €8.1billion rescue deal might unravel."

Two important words there - 'reportedly' and 'might'.

It's pretty obvious that Greece needs to come up with some reassurances that its promise to carry out stringent reforms in the public sector are being fulfilled before the next aid tranche is paid. Swords are being rattled.

  fourm member 07:54 03 Jul 2013

No more surprising that the media trying to create a crisis.

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