Kia Picanto City car

  exdragon 14:16 16 Feb 2013

Still considering a new small car - I don't suppose anyone has one of these? It looks very inviting, but I'm looking for user reviews rather than the Kia website details before I have a test drive.

Sorry.Bing.alau - can't stretch to an up!

  WhiteTruckMan 17:30 16 Feb 2013


Personally it doesnt look that impressive. Ditto the i10. We have a Panda diesel which ticks all our boxes though. Some might go for alledged german quality (no names mentioned here!) But I think that reputation is too much taken for granted these days. And I'm not sure about a car with a name that makes me think of a slug and broccoli smoothie!


  Woolwell 17:53 16 Feb 2013

I find Honest John's reviews to be good. At the end of the review there are those by owners.

  exdragon 19:05 16 Feb 2013

None of these reviews cover the model released under the 'Originals' banner last October. Sorry - I've been looking at so many sites this afternoon that I forgot to include that word in my heading. The spec seems pretty good when compared with the Skoda Citygo and Toyota Aygo and it's currently available for £8995.

I was hoping (as usual) to get some information from anyone who has one, but this is what the RAC say about it


  Bing.alau 20:52 16 Feb 2013

The Skoda Citygo is a replica /copy/whatever of the VW up! and some of the owners swear by it. VW are behind it of course and it probably sells cheaper than the up!

By the way the basic VW up! is only about £7,000 I think. I bought the top of the range job working on the assumption that I can't take my money with me and am spending the kids inheritance. Some people have told me that it's a ladies' car, well foohey to them. It's one of the best cars I have ever driven and believe me I have driven a lot of them in my time.

exdragon. Maybe you can go for a slightly used one, but I doubt if anybody would part with one once they tried it out. So they will be few and far between.

  interzone55 21:40 16 Feb 2013

I had a Picanto, I thought it was a good, decent spec car. I only had it for 7 months, but I then had to trade it in as I changed job and needed something that could cope with a long drive over motorway and hills.

I would have traded up to the C'eed but despite wandering around the Kia dealership for a good 20 minutes not a single member of staff approached us for a chat, so I went to the Skoda dealership who were more than happy to take my money.

For the record, I would have no problem buying another Kia, as the dealership where I live now is very good.

At the moment I'm driving a Mini Cooper D, the shortlist for my next car is as follows

  • Another Cooper D
  • Fiat Panda
  • Skoda CityGo
  • Ford Fiesta
  • Bentley Continental GT
  • Aston Martin Vantage V12
  • Rolls Royce Wraith

(the last three are somewhat reliant on a lottery win, but one lives in hope)

  WhiteTruckMan 22:48 16 Feb 2013

Maybe you can go for a slightly used one, but I doubt if anybody would part with one once they tried it out. So they will be few and far between.

You could try looking for an ex demonstrator, or a pre registered one.


  interzone55 13:41 17 Feb 2013


The VW Up!, Skoda CityGo & Seat Mii are the same car, the only difference being the front & rear panels and internal spec. They're even built in the same factory in Bratislava

  al's left peg 18:19 17 Feb 2013

Get a Mini, best small car there is.Cracking design, great warranty and service plan along with great build quality all round really good car. Also when you come to get shot of it, you will get more back compared to all the other small cars on the market.

  interzone55 19:17 17 Feb 2013

al's left peg

A Mini, even 3 years old, will be way more expensive than a new Picanto.

But everything you said is correct, it's probably the best car I've ever owned.

  Bing.alau 19:30 17 Feb 2013

There seems to be a plethora of these small cars being produced at the moment. They are probably all much of a muchness. All I can say again is the VW up! which I have is brilliant. I expect it will probably be my last car as I think it will outlast me. But then again I may still have a dozen years left in the tank. What I need is a good overhaul. (I nearly said servicing, but could picture the beating I would have got from Brumas and Macscouse).

The first car I bought was a brand new Mini back in 1960 when they first came on the road. I fondly remember it for all sorts of reasons, the main one being its reliability as long as it was looked after. I used to love the simplicity of the door opening device, a piece of string attached to the lock. The only luxury which I had added out of necessity was a heater. I was just back from two and a half years in Singapore. Mind you my old bones feel the cold more now than they did back then. Is it really 53 years ago?

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