Keyboard Shortcuts

  interzone55 17:26 04 Feb 2010

I've just been called across the office to sort someone's computer.

She'd accidentally done something and all the formatting codes were showing in her email.

I did a quick google and found that CTRL+SHIFT+8 toggles the reveal codes feature.

Now how on earth do you accidentally press CTRL+SHIFT+8????

  shellship 18:38 05 Feb 2010

Many moons ago I met a lady who worked for a software house. She was originally trained as an industrial psychologist and her job was to "break" the software once the programmers had finished it. Apparently she often did to the amazement of the programmers who would could not understand who might press that key combination or how, to which her answer was always "I did" .

  Toneman 18:50 05 Feb 2010

Like the old story of the typist who complained that her machine kept leaving unnecessary spaces. The mechanic merely raised her chair seat so that, when she leaned over to read her notes...

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