Key-volution? - 'The Optimus Keyboard'

  SketcH 12:16 15 Jul 2005

I happen to think that this thing is just a little bit of absolute genious.

click here

What do you think?

  Forum Editor 13:01 15 Jul 2005

Here's what they say about 'this thing':-

"The page containing the description of the Optimus keyboard made it to the big time in the web the day it was published. The Russian page was visited 97 811 times, the English one—133 040 times (slashdot effect :-). Since yesterday we’ve been receiving two letters a minute from people wondering where they can buy the keyboard."

One of those letters is mine.

  Mysticnas 13:31 15 Jul 2005

It's just pure mental!!!

Is it in production or still in concept phase???

I bet it won't be cheap either will it?

I'm thinking minimum £80 but more likely to be well over a £100 don't you think?

  Pooke 13:50 15 Jul 2005

I hate playing games and not knowing the all the keys to press and so on......... this is ideal!

FANTASTIC < sorry but it's worth shouting about.

They'll make a fortune on those!!!!!!!


  Mysticnas 14:12 15 Jul 2005

...going through all the menus when using apps like adobe, 3dmax, premiere etc..

Question... does anyone know how it works???

I assume there'll be some sort of drivers to download/install for each application that you wish to use it with???

Or will you have to manually assign each key for every app you use??? :o(

  SketcH 14:23 15 Jul 2005

OLED's, and I believe it will be capable of both per-program pre-programming, and user defined layouts.

  wiz-king 14:43 15 Jul 2005

With a normal keyboard costing about £5 and as we lose a few a year to coffee or orange juice that don't recover from a bath in deionized water and a couple of days in the warm cupboard, I think that it would be hard to justify the cost. I notice that the cost was not mentioned but is probably going to be about 1/4 the cost of the PC! Still it beats sticky labels.

  SketcH 15:07 15 Jul 2005

The cost isn't mentioned on the site because it is still a conceptual product.

  SketcH 15:08 15 Jul 2005

... and if you sincerely have that much of an issue with liquids, use a straw. :o)

  Forum Editor 15:11 15 Jul 2005

and won't be manufactured for at least a year - maybe longer.

Guess who's been promised a review model when they're avaliable?

  Mysticnas 15:34 15 Jul 2005


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