Ken Bruce to Go

  laurie53 16:10 10 Nov 2008

The BBC are about to get rid of another DJ well known for his obscenity and offensive remarks, Ken Bruce!

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Perhaps he'll be replaced by Ross when his suspension is over.

Ken Bruce is not my DJ of choice, but he's tremendously popular.

  interzone55 16:20 10 Nov 2008

Three years a fair notice period though, and a lot could happen between now & then...

  oresome 16:27 10 Nov 2008

I suppose the question is, should the radio stations grow old with their listeners, or reinvent themselves to attract a younger audience?

And if they do reinvent, where do us wrinklies go?

  Forum Editor 17:04 10 Nov 2008

was well-known for obscenity and offensive remarks.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:09 10 Nov 2008

I listen to Ken Bruce on most days and I have never been offended and to call him obscene is like calling Terry Wogan a rampant sex maniac for his Janet and John monologues/eyes raise.


  interzone55 17:13 10 Nov 2008

Radio 1 was traditionally for the teen to middle age category, Radio 2 was then from middle age to nursing home (Wogan goes way beyond this).

The trouble started when radio 1 moved to a narrower target audience of 14 - 25, this meant that 25 to middle age had nowhere but ILR to find solace, so Radio 2 moved down a bit to capture the late twenties market, but kept a lot of the MOR stuff for the sweater and slippers market.

For me personally, Leslie Douglas pulled a master stroke putting Mark Radcliffe on at 8pm, this is a fantastic program that nicely fills the early evening with quality music and banter. The problem is, she also seemed to think it was a good idea to put Russell Brand on the radio on a Saturday evening, did she ever watch Big Brother's Big Mouth on E4, it was possibly the crudest program I've ever witnessed...

  newman35 17:50 10 Nov 2008

I assumed laurie53 was joking (the exclamation mark was the clue?).

Ken Bruce is an excellent presenter, and if the lady who resigned because of the Brand business was the decider, then it should be looked at again.
I'm sure there will be an awful lot of complaints to the BBC over this.

  simonjary 17:59 10 Nov 2008

Are you confusing him with Lenny Bruce?

  Forum Editor 18:05 10 Nov 2008

Yes, I realised that. There was a good reason for me posting as I did.

  Curio 18:31 10 Nov 2008

According to Ken Bruce this morning, he is going nowhere. Just signed another contract.

  Forum Editor 18:38 10 Nov 2008

Signing a contract doesn't mean he's going nowhere. I think it's probably a done deal, it's now a question of when and how.

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