keeps losing out on e-bay

  ozzymodo 08:32 09 Feb 2010

Hi there, I don't know if this is on the right page or forum section but it's not technical so I thought I would post here. My wife is getting annoyed ( with me tho I don't know why?) because when she bids for something on e-bay she ALWAYS loses out at the very last scond, she watches what she bids for and increases her offer when outbidded but 99.9% of the time a better offer pops up at the very last second of sale.
Now i recall a few years ago about some program/software that would do a last gasp bid for you (may save her having to remember to be there at the very last minute). Does any member recall the software? or any suggestions would be gatefully appreciated (mainly by me lol).
Thanks in advance Ian

  Quickbeam 08:34 09 Feb 2010

click here

You'll still lose out though if you don't bid high enough, but if you set the highest you think an item is worth, you won't get carried away.

  Kevscar1 10:11 09 Feb 2010

A number of e-bay sellers have alt accounts to bid on their items to push the price up. Set the max amount she is prepared to pay then walk away. If she wins she gets a bargain.If someone overbids more than that she hasn't wasted money buying at a higher price.

  donki 10:23 09 Feb 2010

I agree with you that this is a growing problem, the seller of his friends bidding up on items, its called shill bidding. It is illegal and should be reported when ever someone suspects it is happening, if enough complaints come in about a certain seller Ebay state they will take action against the seller.

I have noticed it a few times, its more obvious when you recieve a second chance offer from the seller a few minutes after the auction has ended stating the oridginal buyer has pulled out.

  Quickbeam 10:27 09 Feb 2010

The advantage of the snip bids, are that as your bid doesn't go in until the last nanosecond, you can have a physiological effect on keeping the bids low.

ie, You place a snip bid 10 days before the end at £100. Two other bidders then think they are the only ones interested and bid a fiver, £5.50 and so on. By the end time they're on £70, in the last minute and frantically try to outbid each other by fiver at a time, your bid of £100 goes in and beats the highest other bid by a penny, you win for £85.01.

I like it, works well for me, and then I get an e-mail to tell me I've won without getting carried away. Some would say that's boring though...

  Quickbeam 10:28 09 Feb 2010


  T0SH 18:39 09 Feb 2010

Tell her to try this service register with it and you get 3 snipes per week free if you want more you will need to pay for the premium service

click here

it helps avoid the shill bidders charter that is now active on e-bay

Cheers HC

  rickf 23:37 09 Feb 2010

Snipe tool

  Kevscar1 11:08 10 Feb 2010

All very well if you are the only bidder using snipe but if 2 or 3 are dong it you stil have the problem of who's snipe goes in last.

Stopped using E-bay when they refused to do anything about pirates.
Reported one who had sold over 2000 copies of Microsoft software. Had reported him 5 times. On 6th told them if they didn't stop him I would forward all the evidence and copies of my reports to Microsoft abd inform them that as e-bay was knowingly making money from illegal sales they should consider suing for loss of income. Guess that frightened them as he was banned the next day.

  Covergirl 12:47 10 Feb 2010

. . . the bidding system I thought already existed within Ebay under a different name - just input your highest bid and if other bidders bid less than that figure, you win.

There is a scale of bids, so if the item is standing at £80 your next bid might be £85 rather than £85.01 (soz, not sure on the exact figures).

Therefore I don't think you need to buy any other software.

  Quickbeam 12:59 10 Feb 2010

The difference being that the bid isn't put in until the last nanosecond.

If you put your maximum bid on the above example at the start of a 10 day auction, you'd find either the auction got carried away beyond the value of the item, or that within a day you were left with the auction stagnated at your maximum, and no-one else bothering to make further bids.

You pays your money and takes your choice.

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