Keeping documents away from prying eyes.

  oresome 11:23 29 Nov 2016

How many more people will it take to enter Downing Street with documents on show before they realise that camera lenses are trained on them just waiting for the next news scoop?

  Belatucadrus 11:45 29 Nov 2016

As they have yet to learn despite being caught out numerous times it looks as if the number may be infinite.

Do you suppose it's worth introducing them to the A4 manilla folder ? A low tech concept that these high level "thinkers" seem unaware of.

  Aitchbee 13:15 29 Nov 2016

Careless politicians should take a leaf from top doubles tennis players who cover their mouths when discussung their next moves, so as they do not give-the-game-away to their opponents or TV viewers ;o]

  Burn-it 14:02 29 Nov 2016

I suspect it is deliberate!!

  wee eddie 14:03 29 Nov 2016

Of course, such mistakes might not be unintentional and they are using this method of announcing such things to the public

  Forum Editor 17:09 29 Nov 2016

"I suspect it is deliberate!!"

I suspect it is sheer carelessness.

  Al94 17:25 29 Nov 2016

Lessons will be learnt!

  VCR97 18:55 29 Nov 2016

Don't these people receive security briefings when they are appointed?

  HondaMan 19:47 29 Nov 2016

I'm with spider9~2 on this. Didn't somebody once say, "it's a good day to hide bad news". What else happened yesterday/today that they would like kept quiet.

  morddwyd 19:59 29 Nov 2016

"I suspect it is sheer carelessness."

And no doubt you believe that all "leaks" come from corrupt civil servants!

Smell the coffee!

  Forum Editor 08:02 30 Nov 2016


"And no doubt you believe that all "leaks" come from corrupt civil servants!"

Good grief - I would have expected better from you than that silly comment.

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