Katie Price

  ulrich 16:42 03 Feb 2010

Married again. How long for? Her husband wants to play James Bond, what chance?

  interzone55 16:45 03 Feb 2010

"Her husband wants to play James Bond, what chance?"

Of course he can play James Bond, I've still got a SNES in the loft with the Goldeneye game, he can borrow it if he wants...

  Alan-Petrie 17:27 03 Feb 2010

youve got a snes in the loft, you lucky dog!!!!:)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:58 03 Feb 2010

One would have thought that with his predilection for dressing in women's clothes, that a role as a Bond girl would be more appropriate.


  wolfie3000 21:18 03 Feb 2010

The Nintendo N64 was the console with the game golden eye on, still have mine. :)

  donki 21:25 03 Feb 2010

Could be a whole new story line, Bond goes undercover in a seedy underground fetish cult that is hell bent on taking over the world. :)

  MAJ 21:32 03 Feb 2010

Three huge t1ts in the one bed, must be every rag reader's dream.

  karmgord 21:42 03 Feb 2010

A cross dressing James Bond,I think my wife will prefer Daniel Craig.
Regarding the marriage a cynic might say it was done for publicity,and may be a magazine exclusive.

  PP321 21:47 03 Feb 2010

Alex Reid has got an ugly, leathery old face, hasn't he?

Congratulations on marrying it, mate.

  Al94 08:04 05 Feb 2010

Reports of marital problems already! Spunds like a quality honeymoon click here

  Snec 08:42 05 Feb 2010

There is nothing wrong with a young man having the occasional furdle with a slapper but there is something sadly lacking to want to marry one, and history shows that marrying this particular one has never proved to be a good idea.

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