Justin Bieber late on stage

  Graham* 01:25 07 Mar 2013

I can suggest a reason - the band and dancers had become aware of a film crew setting up. This would have been a commercial enterprise to be released for sale. The band and dancers wouldn't get a penny. So they refused to go on.

Lawyers would then be needed to draw up an agreement.

I was a tech at a show at Wembley Arena in the 80's when this happened.

  wiz-king 05:52 07 Mar 2013

I had never heard of him but from what I have heard on the news programs all day the show should not have been organised that late anyway when the next day was a school day. But it was disgraceful to keep them waiting that long.

  Quickbeam 07:28 07 Mar 2013

If anyone else didn't have a clue what the opening post was alluding to, click here.

  Quickbeam 07:30 07 Mar 2013

...and if you find that fascinating click here.

  carver 10:18 07 Mar 2013

Quickbeam second link is far more entertaining than that first one.

  fourm member 10:22 07 Mar 2013

It's the cover-up, stupid.

Bieber, it seems, is just the latest person to discover that, when something goes wrong, you can make it a lot worse by how you deal with it.

Regardless of what actually happened, he should have apologised immediately and taken all of the blame himself. Then the follow-up stories would have been about what a good guy he was for not trying to pass the problem off as someone else's fault, even if it was.

Instead, he started out by saying the support acts overran (as if his management wouldn't have pulled them off stage). Then, it was a technical problem over which he had no control. Then it was only a 40 minute delay not the 2 hours the fans claimed.

  spuds 10:32 07 Mar 2013

In showbiz and the celebrity world, it might pay to be a little outrages, and that is what some of the fans might want. But at the same time, life can be very short, and some of these blessed with stardom soon find that life can have its surprises.

Apparently, the media have stated that he was at the event early, but it was the extra 'promotional' work behind the scenes that caused the overrun. Perhaps the management and promotion teams are as much at fault as this young individual?.

  carver 12:02 07 Mar 2013

One day he may wake up and realise the only reason he is such a success is because of the fans he slags off.

  Aitchbee 18:58 08 Mar 2013

Good descriptive tags ... justin time - Nice one Graham*

  spuds 21:15 08 Mar 2013

Just been watching a television news report. It appears he was in a confrontation with some photographer's today, and his bodyguards at to step in.

  pavvi 22:18 08 Mar 2013

Dancers, orchestras, bands etc all have representation now, and they would know at soundcheck that there would be filming, so it wouldn't cause a delay nowadays. It would all be sorted before it came to that.

There's a saying I try to live by - Don't pee in the well on the way up, you may need to drink out of it on the way down.

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