Just when you thought it was safe ...

  Jak_1 22:39 23 Feb 2008

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, this happens!

click here

  powerless 23:29 23 Feb 2008

Give it a tickle on its chinny - chin - chin.

  Forum Editor 23:37 23 Feb 2008

I'm not having you in my lifeboat.

  robgf 01:01 24 Feb 2008

The sharks probably thinking: I hate the amount of packaging they put on ready meals nowadays.

  [email protected] 02:45 24 Feb 2008

or a free tooth pick!

  rawprawn 09:48 24 Feb 2008

Man "A 10 yard start isn't enough"

  sunny staines 11:35 24 Feb 2008

there was a mention in the news the other day of snake head fish being caught in a river in essex these grow to 15ft and will attack humans like fresh water sharks.

normally found in asia?

  dukeboxhero 11:54 24 Feb 2008

Wonder if the sharks saying Whats that smell

  Belatucadrus 12:54 24 Feb 2008

If the report said 15 ft for the Snakehead they were scaremongering, a giant or red snakehead will do 7 ft max click here and while they're regarded as an ecological disaster because they're a serious apex predator in the fresh fish world, I'm not aware of any attacks on humans.
How did it get there, probably sold by an irresponsible petshop to some deluded boob who had no idea that his purchase would eat everything in his tank and would eventually need a tank the size of a small house to live in. Same thing happens with red tailed catfish, only the snakeheads tough enough to survive our climate if dumped in the nearest river. Hopefully there was only the one.

  Forum Editor 13:51 24 Feb 2008

Are you sure about Essex? A giant snakehead was caught by a pike angler in the river Witham in Lincolnshire, but I didn't know there was another one.

We're in trouble if these fish are breeding in our rivers - they'll prey on anything that swims, including ducks, and they have certainly been known to attack people in the water when they have young. You'll never see one 15 feet long though, they don't grow nearly that big, as Belatucadrus points out.

I've seen their meat on the menu in Singapore waterside restaurants, but so far I haven't been tempted.

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