Just what have we accomplished in Afghanistan

  carver 11:47 01 Apr 2014

After 13 years and the death of nearly half a thousand British troops and untold billions of pounds just what have we accomplished in Afghanistan.

We leave a country in nearly the same state of corruption as when it all started all that long time ago on the pretext of getting Osama bin Laden and then it turned into a war trying to get shut of the Taliban.

The Taliban are still there only now are less open and just waiting for the last of the troops to leave

We now a have country that has or is considered to have a corrupt government that is even now making the lives of the women and children of that country worse than before.

Strange world we live in where Cameron can say "mission accomplished" and at the same time the lives of a very large proportion of the population are no better or are even worse off than 13 years ago.

Or it could be that I am looking at it from the wrong perspective and as long as it's not the Taliban mutilating or killing people every thing is OK. new law

Never mind, after the last troops have gone we can all just say we tried.

  bremner 12:02 01 Apr 2014

As i said in this forum many years ago only time will tell but i believe that in 5 years or less Afghanistan will be right back where it was in 2001.

We should never have become involved in a war that history told us was unwinable.

  kad292 12:05 01 Apr 2014

"as long as it's not the Taliban mutilating or killing people every thing is OK",in that respect mission has been accomplished.Karzai will make his deal with the bearded ones to save his life or become just another warlord amongst many who could not care less about their people.

  wiz-king 13:05 01 Apr 2014

We have sown the seed of western civilization, whether is grows and flowers or withers is for history to tell us.

  bremner 13:36 01 Apr 2014

Not that i think we have done so but what right have we to sow the seeds of western civilisation as you have put it.

  Flak999 15:06 01 Apr 2014


I think you are being massively optimistic with your five year prediction! It is my belief that six months after the last western troops leave Afghanistan we will be back to square one!

  Forum Editor 18:40 01 Apr 2014

"It is my belief that six months after the last western troops leave Afghanistan we will be back to square one!"

We won't, because we will not have a military presence there (although we'll continue with financial support). I think you mean that Afghanistan will be back to square one, and in some respects I think you may be right.

  Flak999 18:47 01 Apr 2014

Forum Editor

"I think you mean that Afghanistan will be back to square one"

That is indeed what I meant. It's sickening, all of those lives lost and for what?

  Forum Editor 19:00 01 Apr 2014

"....all of those lives lost and for what?"

We enter these situations for complex reasons, but Osama bin Laden features strongly - he's the one who plotted and schemed to carry out attacks on civilian targets in the West, and we certainly didn't like that.

We believe the Taliban are bad for Afghanistan because we don't believe that women should be denied the right to work or to drive cars. We don't believe that people should have limbs amputated for petty crimes. We don't believe that people should be induced to vote a certain way by threatening them and their families with extreme violence. The Taliban think the opposite, and if they find anyone disagreeing with them they tend to resort to assassination as a solution.

Whether or not you think that certain human rights are inalienable is a personal choice, but as a nation we have often tended to support people who are oppressed, and denied basic human liberties.

  morddwyd 19:30 01 Apr 2014

What have we achieved?

Exactly what we set out to do. We supported a legitimately founded UN mission, which was fully debated and voted upon in the UN debating chamber.

This was our duty and our obligation as a founding member of the UN and a permanent member of the Security Council.

Mission accomplished.

Whether we agree with it or not, the decision to intervene was democratically arrived at.

  spuds 19:31 01 Apr 2014

There is a saying that's used on many occasions,especially here in the so called civilised Western World, and that saying is "Lessons will be learned".

Yet did no one, ever consider what the Russian tried and failed to do in Afghanistan. Perhaps a few lessons could have been learned through that, instead of the waste of life and a massive debt?.

And as for the constant speeches about how bad the Taliban are. I seem to recall that there are other countries who have similar thinking's at times of punishment or showing power. Wasn't there nearly an international incident, when Death of a Princess was broadcast?.

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