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  Macscouse 16:33 12 Sep 2011

With the forecasts being so dire, do Transport Firms have to do risk assessments before sending high sided vehicles out in this weather?

  morddwyd 10:37 13 Sep 2011

"'It wasn't that bad when he left the yard officer'"

If I was checking such a risk assessment I would expect to see under "Special Measures - Where high winds are forecast within xx miles of the planned route the duty fleet manager will obtain detailed local weather forecast from (an accredited forecasting agency). Where such a forecast is not already in writing, e.g. fax or download, the call must be logged.

If such a forecast shows winds in excess of xx mph drivers are expected to ............." (you cannot actually tell a driver what to do in such circumstances, like the captain of a ship, he is in charge at the scene, but like any other worker he must be prepared to justify any deviation from the recommended H&S procedure. It is a defence to show that alternative arrangements were necessary and adequate to meet changed circumstances)

Believe me, I've risk assessed government funded ice/winter climbing expeditions by student parties in the Highlands, and I wouldn't have lasted long if I'd tried to stop that funding coming in by banning the activity. Risk assessing weather affected activities does require some thought, but it's not difficult, even for a leader, let alone a trained H&S professional.

  Quickbeam 10:53 13 Sep 2011

Meanwhile in the real world...

  Aitchbee 11:55 13 Sep 2011

Dad's Army ...more like it.

  morddwyd 20:06 13 Sep 2011

"Meanwhile in the real world..."


I don’t know if you are suggesting that my experience is not in the real world, but before taking up an appointment in academia I was sole HSO at a major operational flying base operating three squadrons of Tornadoes.

The transport fleet there ranged from minis to run people to the station to Queen Marys running aircraft wings through three countries, and included school buses, fuel bowsers, Coles cranes and aircraft tugs. We also had half a dozen fire engines and a few ambulances.

I also had to cover a light railway, various bulk explosive and ammunition stores and bulk fuel installations.

Then after coffee break I had some libraries, a primary school, several catering size kitchens, firing ranges, a CS gas testing facility, an operational fire station and sundry hangars and aircraft shelters, not forgetting the station golf club.

Oh, and, of course, a working airfield.

Don’t know what’s in your “real world” but in mine that’s some fairly good reality!

  Aitchbee 20:20 13 Sep 2011

The 'risk assessment team of the UK government' headed by William Hague and Liam Fox regarding the nation's defences, would do well to employ people like you, morrdwyd.No joking.

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