Just seen my last lunar eclipse

  john bunyan 05:03 21 Jan 2019

I have just seen the “blood moon”!lunar eclipse. Last in U.K. for 10! years

  Quickbeam 06:37 21 Jan 2019

I thought that maybe your doctor had told you to get your estate in order!

  john bunyan 08:21 21 Jan 2019


That was 5 years ago. Fortunately the NHS intervened. I doubt I’ll make it to 91 , but the DoE is 97 so who knows?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:46 21 Jan 2019

JB still plenty of other things (astronomical) to see this year click here PS are you the same john bunyan that posts on the BROS site?

  Cymro. 10:52 21 Jan 2019

john bunyan I doubt I’ll make it to 91

What age are you now John? The average age of death for a man in the UK is about 81. Perhaps you need a more realistic target as it seems that most of us will not reach the age of 91.

  john bunyan 11:42 21 Jan 2019


Not me on other site! Must have a doppelgänger! Handle chosen as I am a pilgrim through life!

Cymro: Now 81 so I should be off soon!! Mother lived to 98, father KIA 33 but his brother lived well into ‘90’s so fingers crossed! Life’s a lottery

  Cymro. 11:51 21 Jan 2019

john bunyan Life’s a lottery

Well you seem to have chosen the right parents so with a bit of luck and the right genes. I'm 72 and rather lucky to have got this far. Don't ask it would take too long.

  Smudge120 12:38 21 Jan 2019

I am now 84 and still have most of my own teeth, do not need glasses and go dancing at least two nights a week. I know I cannot do some things like I did 20 years ago but I I enjoy life while I can.

  morddwyd 10:25 26 Jan 2019

82 next birthday and hope to be around for the next one.

However, by now I have seen so many I can't work up much interest any more!

I did see this one, but only in passing on my usual early morning trip to the bathroom!

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