Just a personal Update

  morddwyd 10:26 13 Apr 2019

Just for those who have borne with my continual moaning about my vision problems over the years.

I was at the eye clinic on Wednesday and they told me I must start using a white stick!

All those raucous comments made when I was an umpire in the West Midlands Cricket League in the 70s are finally relevant!

  Pine Man 10:50 13 Apr 2019

Sorry to hear that but it's good to see you have retained your sense of humour!

  Pine Man 10:51 13 Apr 2019

....sorry about the unfortunate pun in my last post.

  Forum Editor 11:03 13 Apr 2019

I can sympathise Morddwyd,

Macular degeneration forced my father to use a white stick, and he hated it at first.

If it's any consolation, he got used to the idea pretty quickly as, I am sure will you. Keep posting whenever you can, and feel free to moan if the mood takes you.

  john bunyan 13:09 13 Apr 2019

"Keep calm, and carry on". Easy to say but this sort of thing tests the sense of humour. Your determination will keep you going, I'm sure, and keep posting!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:55 13 Apr 2019

You knew it was coming and you have planned ahead, with your recent purchase of a smart speaker for example. That's the best anyone can do.

Best of luck for the future.

  morddwyd 18:57 13 Apr 2019

I've been using a walking stick since the 90s, it's just the colour change and the reason which are a bit of a facer!

  Brumas 18:39 15 Apr 2019

morddwyd, Just got back from a weekend with the family in Preston and saw this - you have my sympathy old pal. If you intend learning Braille, be very careful especially if you intend using the kitchen table for your course work, as someone once bled to death reading a cheese-grater ;o]

This may seem a joke in poor taste but not if one is an ex-serviceman. I'm pretty sure it will make old morddwyd chuckle - if not, then he has changed and I will apologise.

  morddwyd 19:24 15 Apr 2019

Your point about the kitchen is well taken.

My worst experience with Braille was spending two hours trying to read the crumbs o the bread board!

  Brumas 20:13 15 Apr 2019

morddwyd, there you go old pal....;o}

  AroundAgain 20:45 15 Apr 2019

Morddwyd, I'm so very sorry to hear this news. I can't imagine how this must be for you. I'm afraid I have to admit I was not aware of your deteriorating sight but still want to send you my best wishes.

As a very junior, and naive student nurse, on night duty one time, I was checking round the ward before switching off the lights. A gentleman was sitting up with his book on his lap, making no effort to put it away. I spoke to him, again mentioning I was about to turn out the lights so perhaps he'd like to put his book away. Yes, I'm sure you can guess ... it was Braille and so he explained he didn't need the lights to continue to read ;) A very embarrased nurse apologised but he had a great sense of humour and he was fine about it ;) I've never forgotten that, even though it was about 50 yrs ago ;)

Please keep your sense of humour as much as possible ... :)

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