Just a Microsoft Moment

  Pesala 11:15 09 Sep 2005

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Just how many is a few, and how long is a moment?

System Restore took 1 hours and 10 minutes. Then guess what? "Your System Restore has been Unsuccessful."

I wish the dialog would say, "Please go and have lunch. This may take an hour or more, and might not succeed for some reason. We haven't a clue why it doesn't succeed very often. It was alright when we tested it on our system."

  Thalmus 11:58 09 Sep 2005

Well you know the saying:
To make a mistake is human, but to really &%$£ things up you need a computer

  Stuartli 12:29 09 Sep 2005

Strange, it's usually under half-a-minute...

  recap 12:37 09 Sep 2005

It's like changing the password on your computer. You enter the old one, entre the new one twice. Then you get an error message telling you the old password was incorrect. So you think it hasn't worked so you try again, and again, only to find out that the new password works???

  Pesala 12:37 09 Sep 2005

1,777 objects, 6.50 Gbytes seems rather a lot. Is that unusual? I have a 40 Gigabyte HD.

I've never had much luck with System Restore. I turned it off for a long time because it usually failed. I think I will turn it off again. It just slows down a virus scan and takes up a lot of disk space.

  Jackcoms 13:22 09 Sep 2005

"I think I will turn it off again. It just slows down a virus scan and takes up a lot of disk space."

Yes, and completly removes any fail-safe or option to return to an earlier time if things do go badly wrong.

NOT a good idea.

  Pesala 13:30 09 Sep 2005

Since System Restore fails to restore to an earlier time how will it help to have it enabled?

  scotty 14:42 09 Sep 2005

Perhaps turning it off and then restarting it would be a good compromise? If you are happy with the current set-up you will be able to restore to this working set-up. The large restore archive will be removed.

  Jackcoms 15:46 09 Sep 2005

Try some basic PC housekeeping/crap cleaning with click here
and click here

You can safely delete everything they find.

  Forum Editor 19:08 09 Sep 2005

take longer than a few minutes at most, and I must have done hundreds of them for clients. Very rarely a restore point fails, but in my experience it's most unusual. I certainly wouldn't recommend turning the option off.

  Totally-braindead 19:23 09 Sep 2005

I used System Restore again just last night and it took less than 2 minutes. Only suggestion I have is to try a restore point immediatly before the one that took over an hour and see what that does. I also can't say that I've noticed it affecting things such as times to do a virus scan. If you are unhappy with the amount of space it takes you could reduce it, by default I think its set at 10% but you could reduce it to 5% I suppose.

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