Just to let you all know.....

  Forum Editor 11:38 12 Apr 2018

I will be traveling from next Monday morning (16th April) and will be away until 27th.

I shall be in the forums whilst I'm away, but not as much as usual, and email responses will be much slower - apologies for any inconvenience that may cause. Internet access at my destination is going to be less than perfect, so please bear with me.

  lotvic 16:28 12 Apr 2018

Duly noted, have a good/successful trip.

  rdave13 16:39 12 Apr 2018

Duly noted, have a good/successful trip.


  Forum Editor 16:44 12 Apr 2018

Thank you.

  john bunyan 17:33 12 Apr 2018

Enjoy the trip; thanks for letting us know.

  Brumas 17:45 12 Apr 2018

Forum Editor, be safe, watch your back and don't forget the postcard ;o}

  Smudge120 19:05 12 Apr 2018

Have you no room in your case for wi-fi? Have a good trip. You deserve to have a rest.

  morddwyd 19:28 12 Apr 2018

Anywhere very good (or not o good, like Damascus)?

  Forum Editor 22:36 12 Apr 2018



  wee eddie 03:10 13 Apr 2018

You should be there when Raul retires then. a seminal moment for Cuba

  morddwyd 09:10 13 Apr 2018


Bacardi Original (real original) with fresh lime juice straight off the tree.

To die for!

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