Just imagine if all those Sat Nav satellites

  jack 14:54 18 Jul 2009

Went down.
Those of you that rely on GPS, what would you do?
Dig out that old AA/RAC/Nat Geo atlas- dog eared and pages missing perhaps.

This morning I had a communication from a firm I had made a purchase from- confirming delivery day and approx time-
Also out of the envelope fell a YELLOW BALLOON.
The covering letter requested that I inflate it and put it in the front Garden/ property so that the driver could locate the drop.

Is this one for WTM?

  WhiteTruckMan 15:08 18 Jul 2009

petrol stations where you can ask directions while pretending to be interested in the mars bars then I cant see it being much of a problem.


  Picklefactory 15:22 18 Jul 2009

... all the continental artics that squeeze down the relatively narrow road near my house, usually blocking it, as they are probably following sat nav directions to the container base a few miles away, might then choose a route more suitable for huge wagons.

  spuds 15:49 18 Jul 2009

I suppose it would be no different if the utility companies networks went down. Candle and log fire anyone ;o))

There was a program on the television the other day, which was showing how the Stealth clone was operated. Local ground level pilot did the necessary take off operation, then transfered the actual airborne flying and bombing to an operator 7000 miles away. At the time I was a little concerned about friendly fire!.

  jack 16:32 18 Jul 2009

You then have to consider if a yellow balloon would be an assistance or a hindrance.
Would it mean DON'T BOMB HERE
or could it mean HIT ME HIT ME
The stories one hears would seem to suggest the F15 pilots- don't know either.

  oresome 16:58 18 Jul 2009

I've been selling some bits and bobs on Gumtree recently and it makes life a whole lot easier on the phone when instead of having to give complex directions, it's a postcode and house number.

Invariably, those with a satnav turn up on time looking unflustered.

Those that half remembered my directions arrive late looking worse for wear.

Not that I have one myself. I always know where I'm going.........or at least never admit to being lost.

  BT 16:59 18 Jul 2009

Reminds me of a couple of years ago when a huge Artic came squeezing along our residential road. The driver spoke very little English and with some difficulty me and my neighbour managed to determine that he wanted to be in Carleton RODE a small town south of Norwich not in Carleton ROAD, which was what he had in his laptop Sat Nav.

As to maps a while ago we were expecting a parcel which didn't arrive and when we contacted Parcel Force they told us the driver who was supposed to deliver it was new and didn't know the area and couldn't find the address, despite our house being immediately behind the road sign and the number very obvious.
I suggested that perhaps they should provide each delivery van with a local A to Z, and their reply was 'Oh, We hadn't thought of that!'

  rdave13 17:07 18 Jul 2009

If I didn't have my TomTom I'd be lost.....ahem.
A compass on the dashboard with an atlas is still ok though.
What's good about a Sat-Nav is it's like having a co-driver giving audio instructions. I rarely need to glance at the screen.

  Noldi 17:26 18 Jul 2009

Some of the most beautiful places I have found in Europe have been while im lost, well off my planned route.


  laurie53 17:39 18 Jul 2009

Ah! Someone else!

My friends are always aghast when we say that when we are driving around on the mainland my wife will frequently say "What's down there?" and we go down and have a look (longest diversion yet, 8 hours).

Not only do you see some beautiful places but you get to meet some awfully nice people too.

  Forum Editor 17:48 18 Jul 2009

who runs a fleet of 10 delivery vans, making multiple drops anywhere inside the M25 area.

He says that when they equipped all the vehicles with satnav they were making on average 30 drops more every week; the drivers worked more efficiently, and said they felt less stressed.

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