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Just how low can this Government sink..

  Stuartli 23:38 15 Aug 2009

..judging by this story about those seeking employment?

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  james55 23:51 15 Aug 2009

Helps to go towards expenses :-)

  Stuartli 23:57 15 Aug 2009

I wouldn't make such potentially lengthy calls on a mobile...:-)

  Stuartli 00:10 16 Aug 2009

Only the most expensive BT calls package includes numbers with a 0845 or 0870 prefix being free at all times; seems to be the same with ISPs' packages.

Not much use in the evening or weekends, free or not, for phoning a Job Centre.

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  Forum Editor 00:25 16 Aug 2009

Revenue from the 0845 number goes towards the £870million it's costing to operate the call centres - money that comes directly from the taxpayer.

To suggest that call charge money from Jobseekers Direct goes towards MP's expenses is a little silly, to put it mildly.

  BT 08:46 16 Aug 2009

Job Centres are a pain.
When I finished work at age 60 (Redundancy + Early Retirement), I wanted to know how I stood with regard to NI stamps. So as we had a JC just down the road I thought this would be the obvious place to enquire. WRONG. The person on the enquiry desk said I had to register for JS allowance etc. when all I wanted was some information. A search on the internet gave me the information I needed along with leaflets etc. I went back to the JC and asked why they hadn't just given me these leaflets and was told that they weren't aware that the information was in them.

Second time I had to visit was because the Tax Office informed me that they had no record that I was married - only 32 years!. Could I take our Marriage Certificate into the JC for verification, so off I trotted only to be told I would have to make an appointment. Did this and turned up well in time. Sat on a chair across the room from an 'advisor' who sat and twiddled his thumbs for 20 minutes until exactly the time of my appointment, then called me up. When I showed him the letter he didn't know what to do and had to phone the Tax Office, which resulted in him taking a Photocopy of the letter and Certificate and putting it in an envelope. What a waste of time, I could have sent in a Photocopy.

  Stuartli 11:07 16 Aug 2009

Perhaps you should read today's Mail on Sunday, such as the piece by Philip Blond, before making such far fetched comments?

  Armchair 11:57 16 Aug 2009

I've never had to phone them, either. Just go along once a fortnight to sign on, and that's it. Only ever in there for about ten minutes per visit. It's a depressing place.

One unrelated thing I have noticed is that nearly all the staff at this job centre are obese. Probably a coincidence........

  Stuartli 12:39 16 Aug 2009

Your local newsagent - there isn't a link on the website.

  spuds 13:23 16 Aug 2009

And there was me thinking that the work of the DWP had been contracted out :O(

Even contacting the local income tax office,now results in a 300 mile away phone call to be informed that the forms will be sent within the next couple of weeks. Previously our local tax office had a public reception area, were all queries were answered there and then. Alas not any longer. Now thats called progress and making life easier.

Going back to the original question about mobile costs. I notice quite a number of our seeking work unemployed, seem to be able to have very long conversations on their mobiles, especially to the annoyance of people in close proximity to them. Only the other day, a young girl and her friend got on the same bus as myself, both were using mobile phones from commencement of the journey to the end, thirty minutes in total. The charges doesn't seem to bother very much then!.

  Stuartli 18:44 16 Aug 2009

Are you a Guardian reader by any chance?

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