Just had my car service and annual MOT?

  pj123 17:23 09 Oct 2007

MOT £50.35??

Who sets this rate? Who gets this money?

Just checked my last year MOT and it was £30.

  mark2 20:55 09 Oct 2007

I was surprised by the vat angle too, however 2 different companies I have worked for, have had the same rules applied to them.

The accountants tell us if 50% of the turnover is MoTs then only 50% of the vat can be reclaimed.

I have noted when ordering through the system, the consumables do not have a vat breakdown, nor is there a vat number supplied.

I've found a cheaper source for the consumables so will obviously use them rather than SBS.

Another anomaly, if another garage uses us for MoTs and gets a trade price, but charges the customer full price for the MoT, they are liable for vat on the difference.

  mark2 20:58 09 Oct 2007

to make the above slightly clearer, if MoT turnover is 60% of our turnover we can only claim back 40% of our vat.

  wee eddie 21:37 09 Oct 2007

Get a decent Accountant.

Someone within your organisation has gravely misunderstood VAT.

There is a system that allows you to simplify your accounts by estimating the amount of VAT that you pay. It usually works in their favour and any, half decent, Accountant will save his Fee several times over by setting up a way of doing the correct calculations. Maybe one of the "Retail" Schemes is how you are doing it.

  Totally-braindead 22:46 09 Oct 2007

A few of my friends are mechanics and none of the garages they work at do MOTs. The main reason is the ramp for MOTs is not allowed to be used for anything else. If you are constantly busy then fine but if not the ramp just sits there and you are not allowed to use them for repairs and most garages don't have the money and the space for a ramp to sit empty all the time.
The places in my town that do MOTs only do MOTs nothing else as they are small places with only one ramp.
I realise this may be different around the country but thats what its like in my town, theres no garage here that does repairs and MOTs.
As for the cost ot has got a lot more expensive and I have no idea who gets all the money. I presume the person who does the MOT gets the money but what they pay to the government to cover fees I have no idea and the equipment they need for emmissions etc is presumably not cheap.

  Quickbeam 00:40 10 Oct 2007

"new cars are so reliable there is no need for a test at 3 years old"

Sorry, but the massive service intervals that modern reliability brings, just means that people just ignore the basic checks they should be doing anyway. How many cars do you drive around for weeks with the same light out.

I think there is a better argument for an annual MOT from new...

  interzone55 08:38 10 Oct 2007

"new cars are so reliable there is no need for a test at 3 years old"

Not true I'm afraid, I had a car that caused me problems from new, eventually I rejected the car and to cut a very long story short, I got a court registered vehicle tester round to check the car over, he took my 5 month old car for an MOT and it failed on several counts, including emissions, which he likened to a 10 year old London taxi...

  newman35 10:17 10 Oct 2007

I put my 4yr old car in for an MOT and Full service ( replacing plugs, filters, oil, brake fluid, antifreeze etc) and total bill was £226. But using Tesco vouchers this became only one quarter - so got MOT and Full service for £56.50.
This being only the price of a 'normal' MOT on it's own - excellent value, not worth even DIY service as the parts alone would cost more.

  Colin 12:46 10 Oct 2007

"new cars are so reliable there is no need for a test at 3 years old"

Cars can fail an MOT due to a cracked windscreen and broken light lenses which have nothing to do with the age of a car.

  namtas 12:48 10 Oct 2007

If I was considering going back into the motor trade - which I definitely am not - I would be absolutely in favour of doing MOT’s and the reason - simply because of the work that it could guarantee that it would generate for me - it has to be the one sure way to bring in business and it is all mostly easy money, Yes it takes two persons but the second person can be the tea lad – it doesn’t take any skill to shake the steering wheel- switch lights on of off or press the brake pedal on command - I never ever heard before that a designated ramp is a condition of licence - this does not happen in any the garages that I am familiar with - but what the heck if the ramp has to be designated for MOT's what is the problem if it is full all day get another - The specialist boys in tyres brakes and exhausts know the game - are aware of the pickings to be made from MOT and that is why they specialize that is why the advertise cut price MOT they want your motor through their doors and fitting the high mark up items such as shock absorbers - brake discs - exhausts and tyres.

  TERRYBITE 21:15 16 Dec 2009

I have been using thse guys for the last three years, they are based in Milton Keynes and they go under the umbrella of Quality Car Service. Quality Car Service offer MoT's and Car Servicing at much cheaper rates than the main dealers. The last time I was in they service my Diesel Focus, it is a 2001 and it was smoking a bit. They carried out a BG44k Fuel Line Service and Air Intake Clean- The car is like new, I highly recommend those chaps, smoking has gone and the performance its like having a new car? Has anyone else used these guys?

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