Just had my car service and annual MOT?

  pj123 17:23 09 Oct 2007

MOT £50.35??

Who sets this rate? Who gets this money?

Just checked my last year MOT and it was £30.

  Pamy 17:27 09 Oct 2007

there is a standard rate, but testers can charge less(compertition)

  georgemac © 17:29 09 Oct 2007

The government sets the rate - I imagine the garage gets all the money click here for a full list of prices

I think some places may offer the test at a lower price hoping to recoup the money on any faults they find

this is what is tested click here

we had a thread on here some time ago about MOT testing

my feelings now is that new cars are so reliable there is no need for a test at 3 years old unless it is mileage based, and mileage should probably play a part.

If you get your car serviced every year as well and get the car tested at the garage where you get the car serviced this should qualify fo a lesser fee or test.

  jack 17:30 09 Oct 2007

The appropriate government department sets the 'suggested' price and of course this years figure takes into account the new computerised system for online taxing and other nefarious tasks.
However various traders will offer discounts for
they do not have to charge the full rate

  Cymro. 17:31 09 Oct 2007

I think that the garages are allowed to set their own prices on MOTs these days so phone around first for the lowest price. As far as I know they keep the money. But I am sure that I will be corrected soon enough if wrong.

  mark2 19:47 09 Oct 2007

Maximum MoT fees are fixed by Vosa, they're calculated to an average hourly labour rate and the average time a test is expected to take. The minimum fee is not fixed, but if it is too low then something has to give, quality of the Safety related MoT perhaps, or perhaps the cut price leads to unwarranted failures? Thus recouping the price cut from the MoT?
Generally for the bulk of the Mot 2 persons are needed except for Automated test lanes and the promised one person test lane, but the equpment cost are horrendous.

I know of at least one main dealer that no longer offers MoTs, as it costs them money they could be earning on servicing.

The testing station pays a fee to Vosa's partners in the computerisation scheme for 100 test slots, used to be called the pad fee.

Extra costs incurred by the testing station compared to the old scheme, many stations now need a dedicated telephone line, an extra computer using extra power, recommended to be left on 24/7 to connect and collect updates.
The printer consumables are extra costs, vat charged on them but as Mots are not vatable, unable to reclaim the vat back.
Extra insurance costs.

The equipment needs to meet vosa's standards dimensions, lighting, area around the ramps etc, and calibrated regularly, by a vosa/manufacturer approved technician.

It's not the perceived license to print money.

  mark2 19:49 09 Oct 2007

Just as an aside, the PC runs linux with opera 6 as the browser.

  spuds 20:01 09 Oct 2007

Around my neck of the woods for cars £25.00 to £maximum. Most small independents charge between £25/£35. Only the large dealerships charge maximum price, some with free MOT if you have a major vehicle service at the same time.

  norman47 20:19 09 Oct 2007

The last time I put one through was in 1987. It was a 1982 Nissan bluebird estate and it failed. Sills , disks and rear exhaust box if I remember rightly. The apprehension before the test, the disappointment after the test and subsequent bill { about £350 } made me vow never to go through that again.

Now after 30 months we look for a new one and a good deal.Then the other is dispatched before the 36months are up.

  wee eddie 20:35 09 Oct 2007

On a point of little interest. A Garage can reclaim VAT on all Input, regardless of whether the Output is VATable or not.

I allocate £1500pa to my motoring costs. This includes Depreciation, Insurance, MOT, Maintenance with Tyres. The Acronym is, of course, DIMMwiT

All the consumables are mileage related and therefor unpredictable.

If my current car exceeds this then it's future goes into the melting pot.

  Clapton is God 20:48 09 Oct 2007

Just to explain to those of you who are not accountants or bankers what wee eddie's post of 20:35 means!

"Output" is the VAT a company charges its customers when making a sale.

"Input" is the VAT you (as a customer) are charged when making a purchase.

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