Just had a lovely meal BUT!

  perpetual motion 01:42 21 Dec 2008

Just been out for a lovely Meal was sat at a lovely table with the wife, staff where great food excellent cant complain, THEN whilst i was halfway through the main course i needed the "Gent's" so this been a classy place i asked for the "cloakroom" was shown directions & i entered the toilet then BANG! The sheer stench of urine it me! it was totaly unacceptable by any standards,

the place was clean but i felt dirty breathing someone else's gene's YUCK! i was going to complain but its not my nature, so we left after the meal & it tarnished the whole meal to be honest the toilet doors was very worn with black marks aruond the handle where people over the time have opened the door, s we went to another bar afterwards in another part of the city & AGAIN "BANG" the toilet smelled gross!

why is it landlords accept or dont do something about the smell? they hire cleaners but if your paying £3.00 a pint & the food isnt cheap you expect it to be clean & that put me off the place, there is nothing wrong with the drains there as well, it should become law under health & hygine that the toilets mustnt stink..anyone else had this experiance?

  Al94 08:38 21 Dec 2008

If I'm in on uknown territory and have to pick a restaurant, the first thing I do is visit the loo and if it isn't good, I leave. I always consider it a good barometer re the overall standards.

  Forum Editor 09:06 21 Dec 2008

If a Hamburger joint on the high street can manage to have the toilets inspected and cleaned every half hour or so, a restaurant or pub can.

The reason for unpleasant toilets is the British reticence about complaining. You said it yourself:
"i was going to complain but its not my nature"

To be honest, you, and millions of people like you are the cause of the problem.

  dagbladet 09:08 21 Dec 2008

Nice one. That gave me a laugh, cheers.

  Pine Man 09:21 21 Dec 2008

..and they were very NOISY toilets as well;-))

  wiz-king 09:32 21 Dec 2008

You got to the main course?

I would have thought with a name like yours it would have been the seafood starter.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:03 21 Dec 2008

The problem with this country is that people will not complain about a £50 meal when it is necessary but will whine and whinge for England if they have to pay 15p to phone their doctor, pay an extra 2p for a first class stamp or be charged 4p/minute on a helpline. The citizens get the State that they deserve.

If I am going to eat in a restaurant and the toilets are not clean, I immediately go to the manager (not the staff) and ask HIM to clean them, it really does concentrate their mind wonderfully
I expect food served to be of reasonable quality as cooking (contrary to what the endless cookery shows on TV like to claim) is not rocket science and if food is prepared by professionals I expect it to be better than my culinary attempts. If the food is not correct it goes back, irrespective of the price.
I also complain if oafish parents (who appear to be eminently under-qualified to raise a cat never mind children) allow their feckless offspring to run around screaming and yelling in the restaurant. Their children may be important to them but they are of no concern to anyone else.
Many people will not complain due to a lack of cojones and this is where the problem lies. If I was halfway through an expensive meal and went to the John only to be greeted by the stench of stale urine, I would be dragging the manager in there where he could explain to me how this could have occured and where he could also work out how much my final bill was going to be discounted.

' i was going to complain but its not my nature'...you are the customer so it should be your nature and you are also the problem; I bet you would complain if someone peed in the pocket of your coat.


  perpetual motion 10:11 21 Dec 2008

eww horrible experiance it was, i find its mostly city centre bars like Yates for example that smell,& although they DO have a certificate in the toilets with signatures showing that there toilets have been cleaned/inspected on a very regular basis you NEVER see anyone cleaning them do you?

Tell you what after reading FE's reply above i think next time i come across this i WILL make a issue out of it,

wiz-kid" my username reflects nothing about me realy..lol

  laurie53 10:17 21 Dec 2008

Good tip. I'll remember that.

Logically hygiene is a state of mind, which will apply in the kitchen and elsewhere.

  €dstowe 10:19 21 Dec 2008

Remember that fresh urine doesn't smell very much so, if there was a "stench" it indicates that the problem is an old and continuing one.

Complain - not only to the management of the pub or restaurant but to your local authority. If the place was visibly dirty as well, take a few pictures. Most mobile phones have cameras attached these days so that shouldn't be too much of a difficulty.

If it isn't in your nature to complain then make it so. Remember also that your voice needn't be a whisper when you make your complaint. I'm not suggesting you shout, just speak so that others might hear. Can do wonders!

  €dstowe 10:21 21 Dec 2008

Another thing is that in a situation like that, I would insist on looking at the kitchens as well.

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