Just had an apology from a scam company!

  spuds 16:25 22 Sep 2015

Thought that I would like to share this with you. Things being quiet and all that.

Recently I have had a daily influx of telephone claims and scam calls. Today was no exception.

About an hour ago I had a telephone call from a number I recognised as a scam number. The person (obviously in a busy call centre) asked for me by name, and told me that he was from somewhere or another, and that I had an account with them. Apparently his companies equipment was registering a large amount of problems being caused by my computer, and he was there to resolve all issues.

He informed me that I must be in front of my computer, but I informed that was impossible, because the computer was over a thousand miles away, because it had been stolen, and we think it was being used by a drug and people's smuggling gang.

He seemed very genuine in offering an apology and condolences. Before putting the phone down, I informed the person that I knew he was on a mission to scam, and wished him farewell in a polite manner.

Wonder if he as taken my details off his list, and I will have no further bother from his company, considering that in the future he might need to be dealing with a drug and people's smuggling gang of possible ill repute.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:48 22 Sep 2015

If knew it to be from a scam number then I would answered the call with

"computer fraud crime enquires, how may I be of help?"

  spuds 23:51 22 Sep 2015

FB - By the details they seemed to have on me (name, telephone number etc) I would suspect that if I said "computer fraud crime enquires, how may I be of help?", they would know that I was fibbing :O)

  spuds 10:32 24 Sep 2015

I'll put a tick to this now, doesn't seem much interest!.

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