Just got this in from Santanda,

  Bingalau 10:01 07 Jun 2009

I am wondering why these banks keep sending me these missives, when I do not have an account with them... I hope someone is warning people who do actually have an account with Santanda that this looks like a scam.

We are excited to announce that…......

Dear Customer
Alliance Online Access Verification
Please note that Your Alliance Online Banking has been flagged
by our system and all flagged account required verification for
Online Banking to remain active due to recent changes we have
made to our online banking system.

This verification will allow us to activate new features for
your account on our system and to protect your account fully
against ID Theft. We have made these changes to ensure only
You have access and use your Alliance Account's.

Please click the link below to proceed with verification

You are kindly advised to follow the instructions below to update your account.

Please Click Here To Start

Yours sincerely,

Chairman, Emilio Botin

  Quickbeam 10:05 07 Jun 2009

You'd best do as it says then...

  Quickbeam 10:07 07 Jun 2009

...and then we'll have a whip round for you:)

  newman35 10:14 07 Jun 2009

"Whip round" for Bingalau? - presumably for a stay in a pyschiatric ward if he were to fall for that.
But he's not at that stage, yet (I hope!!), so we have little to fear of having to donate.

ps If the Bank spelled it's name like that it would cause alarm bells, surely!

  Noldi 10:37 07 Jun 2009

For last 5 years or so I get regular supposedly statements for my wife’s credit card but have never clicked on the link yet.

She did inquire once about paying her account via online banking once giving my e-mail address as contact details. So whether this is genuine or not I don’t know. If it is genuine I think the Alliance + Leicester should not be sending me unrequested info.


  jack 10:48 07 Jun 2009

As is so often reiterated on these forums.
When you see one simply click delete.

  Bingalau 12:46 07 Jun 2009

Can you do the whip round first folks please? I had never even heard of Santanda until a few months ago. I certainly have never had an account with any of the banks associated with it. So they must just be sending out these mails to any address they can get hold of. I suppose by the law of averages some poor bugger will fall for it and give banks details to whoever it is behind it. I suppose if it is one in a thousand silly old buggers like me, it is going to be a big deal for the scammers.

  Forum Editor 12:58 07 Jun 2009

and it's one of the world's biggest banks. Santander has over 14,000 branches - more than any other international bank. The business employs 170,000 people, has over 90 million customers, and 3 million shareholders.

I bank with Santander because it has branches in over 40 countries, so I know I can usually find one wherever I am.

  Bingalau 13:13 07 Jun 2009

We only need your account number now FE.

  BT 17:00 07 Jun 2009

I'm one of those and they pay me good dividends.

  laurie53 19:56 07 Jun 2009

So's my wife, and they keep taking tax off her dividends.

She's told them time and again not to, but they just carry on.

Since she doesn't pay tax I wonder where the money goes? If they actually pay it to the Revenue they wouldn't know what to do with it, or whose tax account it refers to.

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