Just fill up with the right fuel.

  Cymro. 12:18 05 Aug 2013

My next car will be a diesel. The only little niggle I have about the whole thing is how can I be sure of filing the tank with the correct fuel. Everyone I mention to that I am switching to diesel rather than petrol come out with horror stories about someone or other who have filled up with the wrong fuel.

Surely there must be some simple way of reminding those who fill up their cars to do so with the correct fuel. I have seen a few cars with stickers on or near the fuel caps to remind the driver to use whatever is the correct fuel. I am not very keen on that as I would prefer something a little less obvious. There is no need to tell the World that I am getting so absentminded that I can't be trusted to fill up a car with the correct fuel.

  Quickbeam 12:52 05 Aug 2013

You'll only do it once!

  john bunyan 12:55 05 Aug 2013


A very valid concern. I have a diesel car - my wife has a petrol one which I fill(!). I also have a small diesel ride on mower and a walk behind petrol one, so I am forever using a different fuel. I did fill my diesel car with petrol once as I was distracted and on a wrong auto pilot. Cost about £70 plus loss of the fuel to have it drained... I wish that one of the fuels had a triangular nozzle and filler hole. I tend to be more careful now!

  alanrwood 12:57 05 Aug 2013

On some vehicles the filler pipe on a diesel car is smaller so that a petrol pump will not fit in.

  BRYNIT 13:15 05 Aug 2013

As Quickbeam has said you only do it once and usually when you are in a rush and do not look what you are doing.

The dispensing nozzle are usually labeled and Diesel is usually Black colour coded.

The simplest way to check is to look at the pumps the next time you fill up.

  bumpkin 13:57 05 Aug 2013

Most filler cap are now concealed behind a flap. Stick something on the cap itself it does not even have to say diesel but the fact you have put it there should nudge your memory when you fill up.

  Forum Editor 14:08 05 Aug 2013

My car uses petrol. Try to use a diesel pump and it will not fit.

My wife's car has a diesel engine. The tank filler hole has a device fitted that prevents a petrol pump nozzle from being inserted.

  lotvic 14:30 05 Aug 2013

The 'Fuel Angel' can replace the fuel filler cap on virtually every model of diesel car, van and light commercial vehicle to prevent the nozzle of unleaded petrol pumps being slotted into the wide-bore neck of diesel tanks. It costs about £50

More about it click here

  Quickbeam 15:45 05 Aug 2013

50 squids! I can get to the seaside and back for that.

  wiz-king 15:52 05 Aug 2013

Quickbeam On yer bike?

  Quickbeam 16:11 05 Aug 2013

...depends how far from the sea you are.

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