Just a few simple Ideas for Micosoft

  PhillyG76 05:21 30 Jun 2019

I'm sure many people would've had this idea or very similar, but earlier, whilst downloading security updates for Windows, I was thinking, why do people still bother creating Virused, Malware etc?

Years ago, people used to say Disgruntled staff who got sacked at Microsoft, but I can't imagine people who've been sacked in this day and age, haven't been able to just 'Get a life' and 'Move in'. Not sit up in the early hours at their PC with a box of Kleenex coding up a new virus?

And if they were successful, then what? Only a fraction of a percent of the world's population may find out who created it and know the person. If the name was mentioned on the news, most people would be like 'Who's this person? AH just a nobody, who's now become an unrecognised famous celebrity famous for not having a life and just anooying pretty much the whole world, well done, give yourself a pat on the back. but most viruses don't actually do anything, as theres things called Anti Virus software, and that's what amazes me, these weirdo's must know this, but they still waste their time. But if there are any of these odd balls reading this, one thing I will say, a few years ago, the NHS in the UK (health service) had it's main IT system(S) affected. Fortunayely, I don't think anything serious such as a patient given wrong medication and dies happened. But what if it affected one of your own family members/loved ones (I guess you have little to non of either, hence why have nothing better to do). But this gave me an idea …. Some people I've been told, create Viruses to highlight vulnerabilities in Windows etc. yes, well done your clever in finding these. But why don't Microsoft make themselves accessible to hackers by paying people who show them and/or demonstrate how thse vulnerabilities can be exploited and get paid say a few hundred £? That's more clever, and maybe they could offer after support such as care in the community lol.

One final idea/frustration. Why can't Microsoft work more closely with hardware and software manufacturers for driver updates.Windows update is only good for windows only. It'd be ok if you could update hardware going to manufacturers sites and just install, and not worry about windows trying to then update it agin, with an outdated, generic driver. I hoped this would improve with this DCH thing, but no things haven't improved. All I've learned is not to rely on third party software updaters, only use to look up any potential outdated drivers. See Windows Update should take care of all this, manufacturers should be able to upload their latest drivers to a central windows server, Windows update scans and identifies your hardware, finds the correct files, and downloads and installs them. Or if not stores all the files, is able to direct you to the manufacturers site, for the correct firmware to update to.

Sorry this turned into more of a rant, but with these ideas, could I send them to Microsoft? would they do anything? I'm sure someone must've had the same or very similar ideas, as after all, it's just commonsense.

  wee eddie 10:16 30 Jun 2019

Many have made your points. Microsoft spends £millions trying to ensure compatibility. They liase with most/all peripheral manufacturers, some of whom are tardy/unwilling to write updated drivers.

As to Malware and Viruses. Many are designed to make their creator, money or kudos, little will stop that

  lotvic 21:10 30 Jun 2019

The answer is 42.

  mrgrumpy 10:17 01 Jul 2019

To pick up on a few of your points , people write viruses to screw up your life for one reason , JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN.

What rattles me is that unless they target a specific organisation they have no idea where it will go once it is released into the internet. It could be your pc or an entire company or organisation.

With regards to Microsoft paying people to show how they got hacked , both they and anti virus companies already do pay or negotiate a reduced sentence if hackers show how they beat them. I think it was a 17 old kid in his dads pc shop basement who wrote the ms blaster virus that made the internet grind to a halt many years ago , after being caught he showed how he did it and got a reduced sentence. But it the mean time he caused havoc for everyone around the world.

Whilst I realise an operating system is a very complicated beast it seems a bit odd that they continue to release patches right up to the day they say no more support for that system.

I can only think of one occasion when Microsoft really did get it wrong , longhorn was 5 years overdue and they very discreetly changed its name to vista and a few years later it was released , in my humble opinion the worse op system ever made.

  LastChip 10:45 01 Jul 2019

Recently, my son bought a brand new high end Windows 10 computer that he needs to run LightRoom on.

I was asked to copy his old files across from the old machine to the new (those in the process of being edited) and thought, no problem, I'll just network the two together and drag and drop.

Either I have failed to totally grasp Microsofts way of networking or they have made such a pigs ear of it that it's unusable.

Apparently, if you have Bluetooth on both machines is no problem, or if you're prepared to use the Microsoft cloud, it can also be done. I didn't want to use either.

I'm so pleased I dumped Microsoft a couple of decade ago now. Linux networking by comparison is so easy, it's untrue.

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