just a couple of Scenarios

  bobbybluenose 19:50 29 Apr 2008

scenario:johnny and mark get into a fight after school
1977-crowd gathers. mark wins Johnny and mark shake hands and end up mates.
2008-police are called armed response unit arrives and arrest johnny and mark. mobiles with video of fight confiscated as evidence they are charged with assault ASBOs are taken out and both are suspended even though johnny stated it Diversionary conferences and parent meeting conducted video shown on 6 Internet sites.

give me the good old days any time.

Scenario;Jeffrey wont sit still in class disrupts other other students
1977-Jeffrey is sent to the heads office and given 6 of the best returns to class sits still and does not disrupt class again
2008-Jeffrey is given huge doses of Ritalin counselled to death becomes a zombie tested for ADD, school gets extra funding because Jeffrey has a disability Drops out of school.

how times have changed

  Forum Editor 20:01 29 Apr 2008

Grammar schools, and boy, were they hot on discipline.

We had a geography master whose favourite punishment was to make you stand on tiptoe and press your nose on the blackboard. He drew a chalk circle around the mark your nose left, and told you to stand with your nose in the circle for five minutes. After three minutes the pain in your calf muscles was excrutiating.

I was caned twice, and deserved it both times. We had respect for the teachers - sometimes because of their sheer teaching ability and sometimes because we were afraid of them. We were told that we were their to learn, and and that if we wanted it the best education you could get was available, free of charge.

I look back now and realise that I was extremely lucky.

  dagbladet 21:14 29 Apr 2008

Terry is set upon for no other reason than he is bright, by class thug. Teachers, who are scared to death of thug's family, (who are akin to the Macquires in Shameless, if that means anything) go down the "shake hands and forget it" route. Terry is terrified to leave the school but is assured by same teachers "it'll be all right". Terry is ambushed on the way home by same thug and his three cousins and kicked repeatedly in the head. He remains in a coma for 4 months, one month longer than thug spends in borstal. Terry is no longer bright, he is sort of 'smiley simple'. He's never had a girlfriend, or a job, he wears a nappy, and to this day gets the piss taken out of him nearly every day, often by the feral progeny of the scum that made him that way.

Ah the good old days.

  bluto1 22:46 29 Apr 2008

We need people with your attitude in Government and in schools. The lot we have don't have a clue what education is. It hurts.

  al7478 23:50 29 Apr 2008

Aye. Bit of old fashioned bullying and abuse. That'll learn 'em!

  Blackhat 23:59 29 Apr 2008

This subject had a good hearing a while ago with a few more scenario's.
click here

  laurie53 09:14 30 Apr 2008

I went to one of the old fashioned grammar schools too.

I got into a fight, which I lost, badly.

I was from what was then known as a council, now known as a sink, estate.

My assailant, bigger and older than me and a known bully, was from an area where most owned their own houses.

I was beaten by the head and made to apologise.

The good old days, when the working class were supposed to know their place.

  Cymro. 12:32 30 Apr 2008

Best posting on this one so far.

I never did believe in the so called "good old days"

  shellship 17:02 30 Apr 2008

My second year 'A' level maths teacher was all white hair and bristling eyebrows and quite terrifying. One second's inattention meant a blackboard eraser (wooden-backed)flying through the air and he was an excellent shot. Best maths teacher I ever had and I had a few good ones.

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