Just bought my first IPOD Grr

  barca1 11:36 19 Mar 2008

Hi all ive just bought my fist IPOD & ive been told that i CANT drop & drag music is this correct..? has anyone got any URL's or any idea i can get software to help me simplify it,please bare in mind mine arrives today,

  interzone55 12:29 19 Mar 2008

Use the iTunes software that comes with the iPod.

Personally I can't stand iTunes and won't allow it anywhere near my PC, but it's a servicable piece of software and is simple to use. Select the tracks you want to put on the iPod, plug it into your PC & synchonise the device.

There are free alternatives, but I'm not sure any are as simple as using the iTunes software.

I don't personally have a iPod so I can't really help you further. I use a Creative Zen which uses Creative's own Media Explorer software.

  darrenrichie 12:37 19 Mar 2008

I use an Ipod and Itunes and as alan says it isn't the best of software but it does what you want it to. You can import your tracks from CD or from the hard drive. It organises the files how you want to and you can adjust basic properties such as EQ or levels. I woould suggest having a go at it first and seeing what you think and if you don't find it to your liking then look for an alternative. If I remember the new Ipods don't come with Itunes CD installation disk, you have to download it.

  donki 12:40 19 Mar 2008

I dont see the problem with itunes, I use it daily to update music and play music on my pc. Its simple to use and looks the part.

You can simply drag music onto your ipod, you dont have to add it to itunes. Just drag it over ur ipod symbol on the left side of the itunes program and it updates your ipod very quickly.

  Bingalau 14:07 19 Mar 2008

I think barca1 is complaining about not being able to get his music from anywhere else but iTunes. I think this is the case if he is using an iPod.

  interzone55 14:59 19 Mar 2008

Here's a list of programs that can manage the transfer of music from a PC to an iPod. Not all are free.

click here

  donki 17:23 19 Mar 2008

No i upload my albums and and other mp3's to my ipod without any need for conversion. Does he mean buying from other online stores?

  mammak 20:46 19 Mar 2008

I only purchase music from 7digital, Hmv and the likes,
all music,including Cd's have been transferred to my ipod and my Daughters itouch via itunes,
you do have to install itunes on your computer, but I can assure you you do not have to purchase your music from itunes,

regarding conversion: any WMA files that are obviously protected wont be automatically converted when transferring them to your ipod,
but depending on the licence that you have after purchase, most allow you to download and burn them to Cd, then you can easily transfer them to your ipod that way.

  GEEKSTA 23:50 19 Mar 2008

apple itunes just want to be in crontrol ALWAYS.
All of their products/systems are very tight to get past.
You can only put music on through itunes.
You cant even take it of or copy it of the ipod onto another pc!

  barca1 00:31 20 Mar 2008

Hi guys thankx for the info,ive since d/l this little baby it leaves itunes standing & has more options oh did i mention its free..??

click here

  barca1 16:57 20 Mar 2008

can anyone help me AGAIN please ive got a 8 Gig nano (the new style) & ive transfered 160 songs but accidently but i cant find a way to "Bulk" delete them i can individualy but takes ages...any idea as ive search the net & what i could find is for the old one & i think there differant

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