Is this just a bit too intrusive?

  babybell 12:52 05 Feb 2010

I am a member of a reputible panel survey website, every so often, i get asked to complete a survey and in return I usually get 50p or so

I've just had one come through offering me the chance to take part in a new survey in which i will receieve £3 for taking part, so I thought why not.

I then read in order to complete the survey would have to install some software that would track my movements online. I thought I would take a closer look at the conditions and found this:

"What kind of information will we collect? During the recruitment and registration process as well as periodically throughout your membership in our panel, we ask you to provide us with your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth, sex, occupation, level of education and annual income, as well as other demographic information. Once you have registered to join the panel and installed our Software, we will automatically collect additional information from you and all other persons using the computer on which our Software has been installed, including any minor children in your household, because our Software allows us to comprehensively track panelists' computers and panelists' activity on their computers, both offline and whilst online on the Internet's World Wide Web. For example, we track the type, name and use of some of applications, files and hardware on your computer (including Microsoft Office, music and video files, and printers and routers), the address and content of the Internet sites you visit, the date and duration of the Internet sites you visit, the advertisements you receive or view, the Internet Service Provider you use, and the details of some types of transactions you enter into on the Internet (including during secure sessions)"

The line that obviously is most worrying is "...and the details of some types of transactions you enter into on the Internet (including during secure sessions)"

Needless to say I wont be taking part, even if they do have a strict privacy policy.

Would anyone else consider doing it?

  The Mountaineer 13:03 05 Feb 2010

Dump it

  OTT_B 13:11 05 Feb 2010

No chance.

  peter99co 13:14 05 Feb 2010

A very long bargepole and a thick firewall with nobs on is called for.

Can you report the website to anyone with the power to shut it down?

  babybell 13:24 05 Feb 2010

Report it to the Panel Survey company as the more I read it the more I can't believe what it is asking.

The Panel Survey websites itself is totally legit, but its the company that has contacted them asking to send this surbey to its users that I have the issue with.

I'll speak to the Panel Survey website and see what they say.

  Mr Mistoffelees 13:26 05 Feb 2010

"A very long bargepole and a thick firewall with nobs on is called for."

I wouldn't touch it with someone else's!

  Input Overload 13:30 05 Feb 2010

I don't do postal surveys anymore after a bad experience.

  babybell 13:41 05 Feb 2010

This is all online based. Mainly just a few questions about politics and stuff like that, basic opinion poll stuff. This survey however was a lot different to the usual surveys I get.

  babybell 14:39 05 Feb 2010

Basically, I had to register to be able to download the software, before I did that I read the terms and conditions on a seperate page.

I never registered or downloaded the software so I'm fine. I'm just worried about the people who just sign up without fully udnerstanding what is expected of them.

  peter99co 15:22 05 Feb 2010

Always read the smallprint is always said but how many do?

Will this make you even more wary?

At least you took the trouble. Many will not!

  babybell 15:45 05 Feb 2010

I'm sure the company in question would give the usual ramblings about any information gathered will not be used to blah blah blah, but this had alarm bells flashing as soon as I read it.

Just waiting for the Survey Company to come back to me now about what they think.

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