Just another working day - perhaps?.

  spuds 13:48 03 Sep 2013

How would you describe a 'working day' that might apply to you. Would it be 'normal' or 'business' or 'unsociable' or what?.

Take a perhaps typical scene, where a trader runs a 7 day a week operation, very similar to supermarkets etc. They may have on-line facilities for 'next day' or 'working day' deliveries, providing the order is received before a certain cut-off time. Some as late as 10pm Mon-Fri, even Sat/Sun, with possible free delivery at that. So basically, someone, somewhere is providing a service to cover needs?.

The reason why I am curious about this (and that's all), is due to orders that I have placed on the internet at various times, received an email stating the item had been despatched,usually with a courier tracking number, yet on checking later found the item was still waiting in the warehouse, because of some stipulation about 'working days'. The item then seems to be 'fast-tracked' so the customer can receive the item 'in time'. Have you experienced this with internet sales?.

  Chronos the 2nd 14:00 03 Sep 2013

I have certainly been caught out,though that is not quite what I mean. Ebay are good at informing you an item has been despatched when it actually has not and this is normally with a business seller as he removes the item from his Ebay stock and Ebay automatically register it and consequently send the email.

As for the email with a courier tracking number again the retailer has arranged delivery with the courier company and again the item is deducted from stock and again an automatic email is sent out.

As an ex courier I have a rough idea of working hours and if I get an email on late Saturday or a Sunday then I know that actually the courier will not pick the item up until Monday which means it is Tuesday delivery.

But I think generally the working day is classed as Monday to Friday even if as you say they may well work 7 days.

I know that if I need to claim a non delivery of an item by Royal Mail I have to wait 15 working days which is and that is Monday to Friday, which is odd seeing as they deliver 6 days a week.

  cruiser2 14:24 03 Sep 2013

Ordered an item by phone on Thursday afternoon. Could have done it on the internet but I had some questions which I wanted answering before I placed the order. I was speaking to a nice lady and had not been in a queue waiting for the phone to be answered. The parcel arrived Friday morning having travelled from the south of England to the north nearly 300 miles.

  Forum Editor 15:30 03 Sep 2013

In the commercial world 'working days' are normally taken to mean normal business hours from Monday to Friday inclusive.

Normal business hours vary from company to company, depending on the type of business being conducted. My neighbour's wife is a corporate lawyer, and she works all kinds of hours, as do I. He husband is in marketing, and he works a strict nine to five-thirty day.

Lots of online sellers use fulfillment houses to pick,pack, and dispatch their internet orders, and those places work long hours. Orders come to them on files that can be auto-loaded into their IT systems and processed and dispatched very rapidly; often within a couple of hours of receipt.

  Chronos the 2nd 15:42 03 Sep 2013

fulfillment houses

And I thought that meant something completely different.Lol.

  bumpkin 16:04 03 Sep 2013

C2, you may find that your oily lycra came via one:-)

  Chronos the 2nd 16:08 03 Sep 2013

Bumpkin, never you mind where my oily Lycra came from.

  bumpkin 17:57 03 Sep 2013

Ok, I will have to find my own supplier then.

  bumpkin 18:00 03 Sep 2013

Ok, I will have to find my own supplier then.

  Aitchbee 20:06 03 Sep 2013

Did someone mention Oily Lycra? If only [I had known] :o[

click here and who said; " Whit's fur ye ... will no' go bye ye! "

... needs their heid examined!


  bumpkin 21:50 03 Sep 2013

" and who said; " Whit's fur ye ... will no' go bye ye!"

I don't know but it wasn't me.

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