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Just another puerile post ;o}

  Brumas 21:45 18 Jul 2018

Looking back at Archie44’s Duracell Post set me thinking on how prices, and income of course, have risen over the 42 years since I had a small Sweets & Tobacconists in rural Yorkshire. So, after a thorough search of my cupboard I found the January 1975 edition of Shaw’s Guide to recommended fair prices.

Unfortunately I couldn’t answer Archie’s question but it did encourage me to have a nostalgic root through it. I’d say 95% of it’s contents we didn’t sell but looking through the cigarette section certainly shocked me. I stopped smoking before we bought the shop so I was never tempted to smoke away any profit.

e.g. 20 Senior Service- 39 1/2p

How our habits and what we eat have changed ; over 3 pages of biscuits, a full page of tea and only one column of coffee. I am rambling on a bit but it reading through it is certainly an eye opener.

Anyone wanting to know the price of a box of 16 Bile Beans, or anything else - you only have to ask ;o}}

  Brumas 20:39 20 Jul 2018

For all those who weren't around at the time the an 8oz. tin was 10 1/2 p. refers to tinned tomatoes ;o}

  flycatcher1 23:35 20 Jul 2018

In 1960 my Jet Garage charged £1 for 4 Gallons. 1950 a Corporal in the RAF (Navigator 4) was given 12/- a day and all found, I could not drink it all. As amarried Flying Officer three years later I earned £52 a month then I was poor. We had a good life proving that money is not everything but it does allow you to be miserable in comfort.

  Brumas 14:25 21 Jul 2018

flycatcher1, after leaving the T.S. Vindicatrix in 1965 my first ship was the S.S. Marengo, I felt loaded at £5 a week (I allotted half that to my parents, we were really poor at that time) all in - there was nothing to spend your money on in the the middle of the Atlantic - it worked for me!

  onthelimit1 16:31 23 Jul 2018

Ah, the BSA Bantam - 175cc of sheer power! My Dad rode one everyday, rain or shine, from Oxford to the MG works at Abindon for 20 yrs. Never let him down.

  Brumas 14:29 24 Jul 2018

I think this has run its course now.

  Pine Man 15:50 24 Jul 2018

Ah, the BSA Bantam - 175cc of sheer power!

Your dad was lucky, mine was 125cc and wouldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding!

  bumpkin 21:27 24 Jul 2018

I think most of us come from humble beginnings. It is what you make of life. Stay poor and moan or do something about it.

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