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Just another puerile post ;o}

  Brumas 21:45 18 Jul 2018

Looking back at Archie44’s Duracell Post set me thinking on how prices, and income of course, have risen over the 42 years since I had a small Sweets & Tobacconists in rural Yorkshire. So, after a thorough search of my cupboard I found the January 1975 edition of Shaw’s Guide to recommended fair prices.

Unfortunately I couldn’t answer Archie’s question but it did encourage me to have a nostalgic root through it. I’d say 95% of it’s contents we didn’t sell but looking through the cigarette section certainly shocked me. I stopped smoking before we bought the shop so I was never tempted to smoke away any profit.

e.g. 20 Senior Service- 39 1/2p

How our habits and what we eat have changed ; over 3 pages of biscuits, a full page of tea and only one column of coffee. I am rambling on a bit but it reading through it is certainly an eye opener.

Anyone wanting to know the price of a box of 16 Bile Beans, or anything else - you only have to ask ;o}}

  Al94 19:34 19 Jul 2018

Here you go old sweets

  oresome 20:19 19 Jul 2018

Our local chemist used to rely on me giving him the nod as to what the latest craze was at school.

One week it would be liquorice sticks as we were all making Spanish wine, the next cinnamon sticks that we were chewing and then liquorice root or glucose sticks.

At that time the chemist rode to work on a BSA Bantam and he used to brag to us he could outrun the GPO telegraph boys who I think were speed limited on similar machines. The telegraph boys used to sit well back with their heads down to reduce wind resistance and gain an extra mph whereas the chemist had his wife to be on the back and probably never got faster than 30mph downhill.

  Brumas 21:31 19 Jul 2018

martd7, Could go on forever :-),so could I old pal ;o}

  Brumas 21:34 19 Jul 2018

Al94, I sold all those and many many more.

  Brumas 21:37 19 Jul 2018

oresome, Spanish wine, you were posh, we called it Lickrish Watter ;o}

I do like all these anecdotes, keep em' coming.

  Brumas 21:41 19 Jul 2018

I didn't pay much attention to the back of the publication thinking the tear out order form for 1976 was the last but I did notice this which I find very interesting.

I had heard of london Weighting Allowance but didn't realise this disparity existed!

1]: [click here

  Brumas 21:43 19 Jul 2018

Archie44, modesty prevents me from replying ;o}

  Brumas 09:19 20 Jul 2018

Oh, how remiss of me, an 8oz. tin was 10 1/2 p. ;o}

  Quickbeam 15:13 20 Jul 2018

I wonder if it was the Common Market that forced fair competition on this one?

  Brumas 20:37 20 Jul 2018

Quickbeam, being a Baker I was expecting you to have the inside gen on that.

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