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Just another puerile post ;o}

  Brumas 21:45 18 Jul 2018

Looking back at Archie44’s Duracell Post set me thinking on how prices, and income of course, have risen over the 42 years since I had a small Sweets & Tobacconists in rural Yorkshire. So, after a thorough search of my cupboard I found the January 1975 edition of Shaw’s Guide to recommended fair prices.

Unfortunately I couldn’t answer Archie’s question but it did encourage me to have a nostalgic root through it. I’d say 95% of it’s contents we didn’t sell but looking through the cigarette section certainly shocked me. I stopped smoking before we bought the shop so I was never tempted to smoke away any profit.

e.g. 20 Senior Service- 39 1/2p

How our habits and what we eat have changed ; over 3 pages of biscuits, a full page of tea and only one column of coffee. I am rambling on a bit but it reading through it is certainly an eye opener.

Anyone wanting to know the price of a box of 16 Bile Beans, or anything else - you only have to ask ;o}}

  Brumas 23:26 18 Jul 2018

Aitchbee, sounds like you had a real sweet mum. You are right about the Midget Gems, I wonder if people from Spain will start complaining about sticks of spanish ;o}

  martd7 23:32 18 Jul 2018

When I was given pocket money at the end of the week in the 70s I always went to the corner shop and purchased 2oz Cola cubes and 2oz cough candy mmmm

What was the cost Brumas?

  Brumas 09:16 19 Jul 2018

martd7, 4 and 1/2p. You would have loved our shop, we had over 100 different weigh-out sweets or, as they were called in the West Riding, spice.

  Pine Man 10:23 19 Jul 2018

Black Jacks 4 for a penny.

While eating them take a bus ride from Bromborough to Birkenhead. Catch the ferry across the Mersey and back and then the bus ride home. All on one ticket for 8d.

  Brumas 10:33 19 Jul 2018

Pine Man, I liked the Blackjacks but there was also Fruit Salad, a bit like Opal Fruits but without the tang.

I lived in Hull and can remember going into the Fishshop, when I was flush, and asking for a Fish'n'Four and a Patty- a fourpenny sized piece of fish, fourpennorth of chips and a Patty, with scraps of course - delish ;o}

  martd7 11:24 19 Jul 2018


Thanks,yes the corner shop was a weigh out shop I can remember the tubs of sweets on the wall hundreds of them,the only one I've seen that still has a large selection of old sweets and they're weighed out is in Shipley market Bradford,when I have occasion to go I'll buy lemon sherbet bon bons mmmm

  Brumas 11:37 19 Jul 2018

martd7, you do realise of course i had to sample each and every product we sold, purely for quality control purposes of course ;o}}

  Forum Editor 12:30 19 Jul 2018

"i had to sample each and every product we sold"

My local sweetshop proprietor knew a thing or two about viral marketing, long before the phrase was ever heard. Whenever a new sweet variety arrived on his shelves, he would give us 'regulars' a free sample, saying 'see what you think about that then young lad'.

Long before drug dealers on the streets, he knew how to get us kids hooked. If we liked the sweet we would tell our friends, and he would reap the benefit of his small investment, come pocket money day.

  Brumas 18:01 19 Jul 2018

Forum Editor, there was a craze for American bubblegums (disgusting stuff) which ran a series of stickers. I used to open a couple of different ones, stick the stickers on the counter, and give the bubblegums to the first couple of lads who came in on their way to school. On the way home from school my 'regulars' flocked in to buy the aforesaid mentioned, as well as their usual favourites. usual

  martd7 18:35 19 Jul 2018

Thinking of all that certainly brings back the memories of those sweets

Winter candy Cough kopps (not sure of spelling) Curly wurly (which disappeared for years) Marathon became snickers Torpedo's Flying saucers Dib dabs sherbet Could go on forever :-)

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