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Just another puerile post ;o}

  Brumas 21:45 18 Jul 2018

Looking back at Archie44’s Duracell Post set me thinking on how prices, and income of course, have risen over the 42 years since I had a small Sweets & Tobacconists in rural Yorkshire. So, after a thorough search of my cupboard I found the January 1975 edition of Shaw’s Guide to recommended fair prices.

Unfortunately I couldn’t answer Archie’s question but it did encourage me to have a nostalgic root through it. I’d say 95% of it’s contents we didn’t sell but looking through the cigarette section certainly shocked me. I stopped smoking before we bought the shop so I was never tempted to smoke away any profit.

e.g. 20 Senior Service- 39 1/2p

How our habits and what we eat have changed ; over 3 pages of biscuits, a full page of tea and only one column of coffee. I am rambling on a bit but it reading through it is certainly an eye opener.

Anyone wanting to know the price of a box of 16 Bile Beans, or anything else - you only have to ask ;o}}

  roger.roger 22:10 18 Jul 2018

I remember around 1960 being sent to the corner shop for a sachet of shampoo, my older sister had a hot date, can't remember how much it was. Thing was the hot dates turned into something else and a hurried wedding was arranged.

You can laugh about it now but then it was deadly serious.

So a sachet of shampoo circa 1960 please. :-0

  Aitchbee 22:35 18 Jul 2018

I remember going down to Drayton Parslow in early 1975 [basically an ex-Army Barracks] a little village in the middle-of-nowhere, on my initial course with BT [ involving climbing telegraph-poles, Brumas]... we got 60p-a-day subsistance money on top of our basic wage of £23 ... life was good then, only 30p-a-pint ;o]

  wee eddie 22:41 18 Jul 2018

When I first went to work in London, petrol was 3/9 a gallon.

Which means that I could drive the 120 miles back to my parents in Suffolk for less than 12/- (twelve bob or 60p in todays terms)

  Forum Editor 22:47 18 Jul 2018

Carters little liver pills?

Trebor refreshers?

  Brumas 22:49 18 Jul 2018

roger.roger, I don't know about 1960 old pal but a sachet of Silvikrin cost 4p in 1975!

  Brumas 22:52 18 Jul 2018

Forum Editor, Regular 16p and Family size 32p.

  Brumas 22:54 18 Jul 2018

Aitchbee, aye and for the morning after, Aspirins - 100s were 15p ;o]

  Brumas 23:03 18 Jul 2018

Forum Editor, oops, didn't see the refreshers which funnily enough were not listed - we used to sell lots and lots of them. The nearest to it were Swizzels-Matlow at just 1p.

  Brumas 23:05 18 Jul 2018

wee eddie, can you remember how much you paid for your car?

  Aitchbee 23:15 18 Jul 2018

Brumas, my mum used swizzels to cover up the numbers on her cards when she went to bingo, but that was back in the sixties. Lidl have got a great selection of sweets - midget gems [32p a bag] are one of my favourites but Im surprised they haven't had a name change 'case little people got offended.

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