Jury Service

  ordep 17:11 27 Apr 2009

Started jury service today, for the second time:-( . For one of the other jurors its there 6th time!. I've heard of peeps being called 2/3 times, and the lucky few who never get the calling but, 6 times is ridiculous.

  Quickbeam 17:22 27 Apr 2009

I can't wait to get my call. Judge Jeffreys and me will compliment each other perfectly...

  Marko797 17:33 27 Apr 2009

never been called...am I missing much?

  Simsy 18:47 27 Apr 2009

If my experience is anything to go by, a lot of time spent waiting to be called up. I got a lot of reading done!



  mikef. 19:07 27 Apr 2009

You're lucky I got a week long trial on the first day

  canarieslover 19:37 27 Apr 2009

I have reached the age of 66 and have yet to be called. I'm not certain if that makes me one of the lucky few or one who has missed out on an experience.

  laurie53 20:04 27 Apr 2009

If you're in Scotland you've missed the window, like me.

Upper age limit 65.

  Spark6 20:22 27 Apr 2009

Been called once, sat around for a couple of hours and then called to form a jury. Entered the courtroom, sat down, the accused entered, seemed to take one look at us, then changed his plea to guilty.

To say I was disappointed is putting it mildly.

  QuizMan 20:23 27 Apr 2009

As someone who was on the original project to computerise jury summoning for England & Wales in 2000 or thereabouts, I know how the system works; if it is any consolation selection is purely random which is why some of you never seem to receive a summons and others recieve numerous ones. The system should prevent a summons being raised less than 2 years since the previous one unless you move house in the meantime.

  QuizMan 20:26 27 Apr 2009

Assuming you are live in England or Wales (and I guess you do judging by your moniker - in which case you may be at the football right now) you can serve as a juror up to the age 70, but have the automatic right of excusal after age 65.

  Armchair 21:13 27 Apr 2009

I've served once (am 39). I would love to get called up again. Spent loads of time sitting in the jury waiting room reading books (I love reading), and only about two hours in jury work proper. Some days i didn't even have to turn up.

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