Junk Snail Mail Scam

  pj123 11:17 08 May 2006

Just read in my local paper. Someone has received a letter offering the secret of how to turn £50 into £1m, guaranteed and without risk.

Here's how it works:

Turkish currency is sometimes called pounds. Up until last year, when Turkey modernised its currency, £1 sterling would get you more than two million Turkish pounds. Send £50 to the trickster who contacted you and you will be sent an old Turkish banknote worth about 50p, and a letter telling you to play the same trick on other people to get your money back.

  Totally-braindead 11:54 08 May 2006

"A fool and his money is soon parted" springs to mind as well as "never underestimate the power of human stupidity".

If you fall for one of these scams you deserve to lose out. There are clever scams out there but this is not one of them.

  pj123 12:44 08 May 2006

"A fool and his money is soon parted"

You're dead right there. The person who wrote to the paper asking for advice also said:

"I know it must be a scam, but I am tempted to send the £50 fee, just out of curiosity!"

Obviously got more money than sense!!!

  €dstowe 14:31 08 May 2006

I'm reminded of the story of "Cup Final Seats Available. Only £250"

In return the victim was sent a rickety three legged stool with the instructions "Place in front of the television on Cup Final Day and watch".

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