Junk from Royal Mail

  birdface 15:28 16 Jun 2010

There was a post on here a couple of years ago how to stop getting junk mail from Royal mail.

Got another load from them this morning and just posted it back to them Via the their post box.

Anyone know how to get them to stop.

This was just junk mail and not addressed to anyone in the house or to the occupier.

  I am Spartacus 15:44 16 Jun 2010

Mail Preference Service click here

However my postman is a complete idiot and often forgets and still posts the junk. I have a note on the door to remind him now. Pity I can't remind him I live on Cleveland Drive not Shakespeare Drive as he has a particular talent for mis-delivering mail as well.

  Flak999 16:06 16 Jun 2010

delivered by Royal Mail click here then send or email your name and address to this address:

Royal Mail Door to Door Opt Outs
Kingsmead House
Oxpens Road

or email: [email protected]

They will then send you an opt out form to sign and return. Once you’ve returned this form, Royal Mail will stop delivering unaddressed items to your address within 6 weeks.

  morddwyd 16:30 16 Jun 2010

As I said the last time, just bear in mind your postie gets paid for each of these he/she delivers.

You may be putting their holiday plans at risk!

  michaelw 16:58 16 Jun 2010

I still get junk even after opting out, but not as much.

  birdface 17:07 16 Jun 2010

Thanks for all of the reply's will have a good look at them a little bit later.
Thought that I would watch the Spain match.
The wife was watching her programs downstairs.
So I switched the one on in the bedroom connected to a digital box and loft aerial and could hardly hear the buzzing that has put me off watching other matches.
So from now on I will be watching the football upstairs.
I know our postie well but it was not him that delivered the mail today.
All I can say if they put that much junk through letterboxes their post bags must be extremely heavy.

  birdface 19:46 16 Jun 2010

Not to take any chances I started with I am Spartacus and filled that in and then sent an e-mail from Flak999s solution.
So lets hope I do not create any misunderstanding between them.
Many thanks for everyones help I will class as resolved unless I have any difficulties later which I do not expect to happen.

  Bingalau 20:42 16 Jun 2010

I don't think posties get paid for the junk they deliver, if they did they would all be rich. My son's a postie and gets paid for the hours he works.

  ella33 21:16 16 Jun 2010

I used to put leaflets in free papers that I delivered and I have noticed that certain "thrift" shops, still advertise in a local free paper. The leaflets did mean that the cost of the round went up so much per leaflet. I would be surprised if Royal Mail takes on the extra work and weight, without this making a significant difference to their earnings. However, I guess there is less mail now so many people and businesses use email and phone, rather than send mail? Maybe junk mail is necessary for business?

  ella33 21:19 16 Jun 2010

But I stll feel that if you ask for no junk, it should mean no junk. It might be advisable to inform the local free papers and put a notice up to deter the individual distributers? there always seems to be someone with a bagful of leaflets here!

  tullie 21:19 16 Jun 2010

Your right,its Royal Mail that gets paid,not the postman

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