Junk mail delivered by Royal Mail

  Al94 08:44 15 Nov 2012

Royal mail is now focussing on junk mail delivery to improve income.


Yesterday I received no addressed mail but eight pieces of unaddressed junk mail including local takeaway menus, Specsavers, jewellery catalogue etc etc.

As stated in the article linked to, the volume has increased dramatically of late and it is theoretically possible to de register here http://tinyurl.com/79q9n4c

Perhaps if we all did as I did yesterday and deposit all the junk mail in the nearest post box rather than my recycling box they might get the message!

  morddwyd 09:18 15 Nov 2012

I find it easier to simply drop it in the paper recycling bin which is just by the front door.

That also helps to keep my Council Tax down.

  Al94 09:23 15 Nov 2012

Might be easier but just blindly accepts that we are going to be deluged with the stuff?

  morddwyd 10:03 15 Nov 2012

Bot blindly, but after considering both sides of the argument!

  sunnypete 18:11 15 Nov 2012

Who first said "It may be junk mail to you but it's bread and butter to the postman"?

  Flak999 18:25 15 Nov 2012

You can opt out of receiving un-addressed mail from Royal Mail.

Royal Mail op out

  oresome 19:34 15 Nov 2012

Who first said "It may be junk mail to you but it's bread and butter to the postman?"

And I've been blaming the dog for chewing the mail!

  spuds 19:51 15 Nov 2012

Perhaps two issues worth considering?.

Any mail addressed to 'Occupier' will still be delivered, even if you 'opt-out'. No doubt companies that use these type of mail-shots have already considered their options?.

The post-person or their union will soon start to complain, when the bonus scheme for delivering junk mail is stopped, or earning capacities are effected!.

  tryanothername 20:37 15 Nov 2012

If it keeps Royal Mail afloat, do they get massive subsidies?, then it's fine by us. The majority 99.999% goes straight in the recycling bin. Because the limit on the amount of junk mail has been lifted. The extra revenue that Royal Mail are getting could improve the balance sheet if they, the Government, decide to sell off RM.

  kidsis 15:56 17 Nov 2012

my very best friend also posts the junk mail back in the post box (like A194). After all, it is unwanted mail, and there is enough to put in the recycle bin already. My VBF's recycle bin was completely full this week.

  Bing.alau 16:28 17 Nov 2012

Post the junk mail back to the sender, most of them provide a return envelope. If everybody did this without ordering or with just the plain empty envelope, it would cost the originators lots of money for nil return.

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