Jubilee Concert,auto-voice doesn't work

  Chegs ®™ 04:49 05 Jun 2012

I watched the concert and the number of old musicians braying(I cannot use the word belting as that implies I liked it)out-of-tune hits from their repertoire was painful.Stevie Wonder/Paul Mccartney/Elton John(though was recovering from illness)Cliff Richard to name a few all should use mime(whilst these hits are played from a recording)I found myself preferring opera music to these pop artists,though Alfie Boe's performance had me singing "Just one cornetto" along with the TV and Lenny Henry commented about the cornetto link.Well done to the technicians(about 600 according to Prince Charles)that managed to keep this show going.I only saw one hitch(Will.I.Am joined Stevie Wonder but forgot to bring a microphone,which was quickly handed to him)Even with the poor quality of singing,I still thoroughly enjoyed the show(& hope my neighbours will forgive me for the volume)

PS: Who's betting Gary Barlow receives some form of commendation from E.R after that concert?

  wiz-king 06:29 05 Jun 2012

Agreed - it was at times painful on the ears to hear a once good singer who has lost the power and melody.

  SparkyJack 07:02 05 Jun 2012

Well I did watch the last 15 minutes or so- but as Cliff Richard said in an earlier inerview he wondered if what was on offer was Betty's 'bag' and that she would perhaps prefered s a night at the opera- which then made me wonder if Phillip s absence was not a 'tactical withdrawal- A bladder infection he may well have - but do they worsen over night-? he seemed to be holding up on Saturdays damp proceedings..

I wonder if not all these events and others are 'imposed' on the Royal Family and a lot of the time perhaps they feel thay wouldrather stay at home with the corgies

  interzone55 09:53 05 Jun 2012

I deliberately didn't watch the concert, as very little of the music on offer is of any interest to me.

I do wonder if Gary Barlow would get a nod in the upcoming honours list for his work on the concert and Jubilee celebration song.

There's not many honours left for Lord Lloyd-Webber, although I notice there's two vacancies in The Order of The Garter

  Condom 11:56 05 Jun 2012

Yes I have to agree that many of the old "uns" seemed to have lost it. Cliff was abysmal and had an off night to go with his off key and I can why Paul has so many singers in his band as on his own he squeaked. Elton did well considering he was unwell and Tom also still has it. Some I don't normally listen to all came across well like Kylie and JC. Shirley obviously knew her limitations and wisely kept it to one. Madness also did well considering the technical difficulties. Miss Fleming has a beautiful voice and the first song seemed to have sound problems but it had the hairs on the back on my head standing up. Always difficult to judge a live show from watching it on TV at home but as an event it went well.

  Bingalau 12:13 05 Jun 2012

I thought the show was very well organised. Yes some of the artistes had seen better days of course, but at least they didn't wheel Brucie out as a bonus.

I think it was madness putting that particular group on the roof of Buck House and would have preferred to see the Military Wives' Choir etc., up there. The electronic pictures on the front of the palace were well done though to fit in with Madness singing "Our House". But I would still have preferred the MWC up there.

The fireworks at the end of the show were brilliantly done and rivalled the ones in Disney world etc. Of course Gary Barlow will be getting his knighthood any time soon. Well done Gary!

  Woolwell 12:27 05 Jun 2012

I enjoyed the concert and thought is was wonderful to see thousands clearly enjoying it too. The organisers and the stage crew did a great job.

  ams4127 17:51 05 Jun 2012


I agree entirely with those sentiments.

  Forum Editor 18:27 05 Jun 2012

I've never been a particular fan of Tom Jones, but for me his performance was one of the best - apart from Renée Fleming, who left everyone else standing.

  morddwyd 19:39 05 Jun 2012

"apart from Renée Fleming, who left everyone else standing."


If I'd known she was there I might have watched it!

  Chegs ®™ 03:00 06 Jun 2012

"apart from Renée Fleming, who left everyone else standing."

She did a solo piece & also a duet with Alfie Boe,both of which I enjoyed.Tom Jones also did an enjoyable set.Madness on the roof of Buckingham Palace was,well madness but the images to go with their set on the front of the palace had me chuckling.

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