Jubilee Concert - a technical query

  Graham* 00:25 05 Jun 2012

Having worked in showbiz, I am familiar with 'Delay' towers for sound at live gigs. Watching the TV coverage, it would seem the video screens in The Mall were delayed also.

This should not be necessary as light travels much faster than sound.

Was this an illusion of live TV?

  Chegs ®™ 04:17 05 Jun 2012

I was going to say there was no delay visible here,but decided that any delay would only be a few seconds(Big Ben clock said the same time as my clocks)and thus,invisible leaving me looking like a pratt. :)

  wiz-king 06:26 05 Jun 2012

It might have been done to try and keep the sound and video in sync.

  interzone55 09:56 05 Jun 2012

For very long distances they would have added a similar delay to the video as audio to maintain lip-sync

  Condom 11:45 05 Jun 2012

I think that is the problem as light does travel faster than sound. They would have to delay the pictures in the Mall to synch in with the sound travelling from the stage. To my mind the difficult part would have been synchronising in Madness playing on the roof to the orchestra playing on the bandstand. Must be quite clever really and certainly light years ahead of my days standing in front of Marshall Amps trying not to get feedback.

  wiz-king 15:53 05 Jun 2012

Condom - you mean those squeals weren't you singing? grin

  Graham* 16:09 05 Jun 2012

Delay Towers explained Here

On reflection, I agree with Condom, the video would have to be delayed to keep in sync.

As for Marshalls, they hadn't been invented when I stood in front of things. Had to make do with Vox.

  Condom 18:01 05 Jun 2012


I knew my limitations and the only time I would have been allowed to sign was when it was time to clear the hall. I have that "time gentlemen please" effect.

  Condom 19:06 05 Jun 2012


If you started out at the same time as I did then Vox were the bees knees of Guitar Amps especially their AC series so making do is really an understatement. Marshall were the new boy on the block at the time and certainly didn't have the kudos they have now or the kudos of Vox at the time.

  Graham* 20:41 05 Jun 2012

I played bass guitar and used a Vox amp with a 'Bass' badge on it. It was rubbish for bass. Then I found the Selmer Goliath and bought one of those.

  Condom 23:11 05 Jun 2012


Selmer were a London Company that re-badged other peoples' stuff and sold it under their own name. Likelihood was that the Goliath was German and probably Hofner who of course made the cello bass which Paul McCartney played in his Beatles days but I stand to be corrected. Subsequently bought out by CMI (Chicago Music Industries) who are the parent company of Gibson & Epiphone hence Paul's current bass showing as a Gibson. Vox made good stuff and their speakers were I think from Celestion who later became a household name for quality Hi-Fi speakers. Those were the days and of course no connection with my current need for a hearing aid.

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