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The joys of DIY car maintenance.

  bumpkin 23:18 12 May 2014

Whilst surfing the web with hope of finding some advice regarding a problem I have with a fuel pump on one of my cars I came across this reply on another forum "Thanks I have checked it out and the pump has no power to it so I will need to replace it"

  bumpkin 16:49 13 May 2014

Trying to make a "boom box" then.

  bumpkin 21:28 13 May 2014

carver, wives and cars, now there is a good basis for a domestic argument. Take my car and park it on double yellows then come home moaning about getting a ticket and expect sympathy rather than being told not to be so stupid by Mr Angry. Take my car and write it off, not too pleased but she is not hurt (or anyone else) which is the main issue. Then wonders why I am not angry with her. She chose to park illegally, she did not choose to have an accident. Cars and women, both difficult to understand.

  Aitchbee 22:43 13 May 2014

I miss the sheer 'gung-ho' adventure of tip-toeing [gingerly], with tool-bag and Haynes Manual in hand, amongst the piled-up wrecks at my local scrapyard [Govan was best], a-lookin' for appropriate parts. Once, I bumped into my Dentist [amongst the wreckage] ... how strange is that?

Ah ... those were the days. Now I just get the bus.

  Quickbeam 07:15 14 May 2014

Have you checked the fuse yet?

  BT 08:04 14 May 2014

Some years ago my Sister was bought her very own car by her hubby and decided that she would be very good and do all the checks that you are supposed to do. She took off what she thought was the radiator cap and not seeing any water put in a couple of cans, and, you've guessed it, filled up the engine with water. Fortunately hubby came home before she tried to start the engine and managed to drain out all the oil and water before any damage was done.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:49 15 May 2014

Phone call to PC tech

"My PC is not working"

PC tech "what happens when you switch it on?"

Customer "Nothing we have a power cut at the moment"

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