Jon Gomm guitar player "wow"

  hssutton 10:54 01 Feb 2012

As Jeremy Thorpe says "WOW"Guitar player

  Quickbeam 11:29 01 Feb 2012

I'd best keep my day job on.

  Graham* 15:56 01 Feb 2012


  al's left peg 16:14 01 Feb 2012

It's unusual, definitely not rubbish though in my eyes. Although it's not my taste and I have seen something similar done a whole lot better by a singer called KT Tunstall on her first ever television appearance (Later with Jools Holland). The use of a digital loop stomp box would of given him the rhythmic beat whilst trying to fit all all his guitar parts in.

  csqwared 16:32 01 Feb 2012


"Rubbish" ??

Perhaps not your cup of tea in music but that hardly makes it rubbish - or are you a better musician perhaps?

The guy is obviously very talented, appearing not to require any of the technical gizmos often seen today (apart from amp/speaker).

  JYPX 14:27 02 Feb 2012

I found that clip enjoyable and entertaining. And - it has given me some different ideas about how to create "wear" on a new guitar, to make it look like an old guitar! (People will pay good money for authentic ageing....)

Instead of starting another guitar thread can I mention Eilidh McKellar here. I spotted her on youtube and thought: hmmmm.... talented kid, (I think she is 17). But... it looks like Joe Bonamassa saw her clips, and invited her to one of his uk shows......!!! link to clip

  Forum Editor 19:15 02 Feb 2012

I'm afraid I have an aversion to guitarists who play technically brilliant but relatively soulless stuff. All that tapping and fluttering of hands is very clever, and I certainly couldn't do it, but it's not for me at all.

Talent comes in many forms however, so credit where it's due - he can make some very interesting sounds.

  Chegs ®™ 22:03 02 Feb 2012

I listened to just over 3 mins before the sound of grating on strings grated on my nerves so much I closed the page.He is an accomplished guitarist,just not one I like to hear.

  Condom 22:20 02 Feb 2012

He is undoubtably an accomplished guitarist but what he is doing couldn't be done without several "electrical technical gizmos" which could be seem at his feet. If you closed your eyes and listened you could hear some of the late John Martyn sounds but without the essential feeling that FE talks about.

Not my cup of tea but I'm sure he will get plenty of work and I'm thankful it is not one of my guitars he is playing.

  Aitchbee 22:49 02 Feb 2012

Robert 'Rabbie' Burns used the word 'wow' in some of his poems. The meaning of the word has not changed. - amazement.

  Aitchbee 22:49 02 Feb 2012

Robert 'Rabbie' Burns used the word 'wow' in some of his poems. The meaning of the word has not changed. - amazement.

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