Joined Up Services?

  oresome 20:29 07 Oct 2008

We've recently had a council employee on the estate spraying weedkiller in the roadside gutters.

This was quickly followed by the street cleaner, who sprayed water in the gutter, diluting the weedkiller and then scrubbing it off with a brush and vacuuming it up.

A smaller machine cleaned the pavements at the same time and now the grass verges have been cut and the grass cuttings have been deposited on the pavements.

The green and black bins have also been emptied today and what didn't quite make it to the back of the lorry is now lying on the road.

I'm getting more like V. Meldrew every day.

  Forum Editor 22:19 07 Oct 2008

much too much value for money in your street.

  spuds 23:48 07 Oct 2008

You might find that there are three different departments involved, and perhaps they do not communicate with each other very well ;o)

Regarding the items deposited on the road, I bet there wasn't a council warden in sight. Cue for telephone or newspaper complaint methinks!.

  TopCat® 23:55 07 Oct 2008

'The Manager often lacks feedback about these things...'

Any manager worth his salt would get off his backside and occasionally go out and check out his operatives, especially if complaints are coming in. He can then see for himself if there are problems in particular areas and make any changes deemed necessary to alleviate them. TC.

  laurie53 07:07 08 Oct 2008

"Cue for telephone or newspaper complaint methinks!."

Why a newspaper complaint? Shouldn't the department concerned be given the chance to deal with the matter first, if only out of common courtesy?

Time to go to the papers or elsewhere is when all normal methods have failed, not as an automatic first reaction.

  spuds 11:18 08 Oct 2008

Not knowing you personally, I wouldn't have the faintest idea how your council works, or if you have many dealings with them.

But in my experience,I tend to find my local council's (2) tend to ignore many complaints, and it is only when a local newspaper investigates and reports, that the appropriate authority or person then becomes interested. I did mention 'telephone or before newspaper' though ;o)

  laurie53 19:56 08 Oct 2008

My local council are actually rather good at responding.

I once commented at 10.00 am on a forum not unlike this one that I was having difficulty in one area with my wife's wheelchair because a contractor was working over the only convenient pavement drop and by noon a temporary drop had been put in close by, and an apology given.

Turned out that a council employee had been reading the forum at work, unlike everybody here of course, and had passed my comment on to the relevant department.

I have a street light outside the house and on the odd occasion I've reported it on or off at the wrong time it has been fixed within 24 hours, same day if reported before lunch.

When my wife was due to be discharged after a eight month stay following a stroke I had a five person assessment team in the house before they would clear her discharge (1 x NHS OT, 1 x NHS Physio, 1 x Social Services OT, 1 x Social Services Personal Care assessor and 1 x Social Services Appliance assessor)

It may be overkill, but joined up systems do work sometimes.

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