Is John McCririck for real

  SillBill 15:29 10 Jan 2013

The idiotic TicTac man seeks more personal publicity by launching a £3MILLION suit against Channel 4 because HE SAYS they fired him because of his age (72) kinda overlooks the fact that his childish posturing on the racing show reached the end of its Best By date years ago.

  Aitchbee 16:42 10 Jan 2013

SillBill, here's a link to your story [for non-racing fans]:-

from The Guardian

I think Big Mac's chances of winning his ageism case are 'double carpets', as several other bigname horse racing TV presenters also got the 'big hook'.

McCririck had a good run, but he's backing a loser here.

  SillBill 17:27 10 Jan 2013

Thanks for the link, Aitchbee, from the 25 comments on that article the majority seem to detest the man even more than I do!

  bumpkin 18:22 10 Jan 2013

I have met McCririck, one of the most big headed self centered obnoxious people I have have ever had the displeasure of meeting.

  rickf 18:37 10 Jan 2013

On a more serious note. Ageism is a problem. It is discrimination under the law. Know this at first hand when I had to fight to keep my job just before it became law. My employers, an education establishment which shall remain unnamed, wrote to apologise to me after the law was passed.

  Aitchbee 18:55 10 Jan 2013

...double carpets ...33/1.

I'll miss Big Mac 'cos he did talk a lot of sense, his wife whom he referred to as 'The Booby', will be getting an earful at home, at the moment.

  Bing.alau 20:55 10 Jan 2013

Did he have a contract? If not then they should have retired him when he was sixty five and made room for new blood. To me he's always been an ignorant nutter. Yes I too, have met him.

  SillBill 21:09 10 Jan 2013

H was a freelance on yearly contracts, Bing.alau and they should NEVER have hired that arrogant, sexist, money-mad idiot.

  bumpkin 22:38 10 Jan 2013

Agree with you SillBill he is a c and that does not stand for charming character if you get my gist.

  BT 08:44 11 Jan 2013

He was a freelance on yearly contracts

In that case he really can't complain. Lots of people in similar situations don't get their contracts renewed. Its how things are in the industry.

  HondaMan 08:58 11 Jan 2013

If you saw him on wife-swap that will give even more of an in-sight into his nature! Edwina Currie and John McCririck

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