John Major makes a powerful Brexit statement.

  Quickbeam 14:41 28 Feb 2018


Just come in and put the TV on to find ex PM John Major in the middle of a scathing and caustic attack on the government's current Brexit strategy...

  Quickbeam 14:47 03 Mar 2018

FE... "Let's get real, shall we?"

Well it all depends on the social circle that we mix in daily... there is some truth in that, and some tongue in cheek, that after a decade or so on this forum I would have thought you'd recognise in me by now...

  john bunyan 21:45 03 Mar 2018

The N Irish border issue has yet to be resolved but an even worse, unpubicised as yet problem is that of Gibraltar, where the Spanish see an opportunity to reclaim Sovereignty or stopping free crossing of people and goods. Why is it not mentioned in speeches etc?

  Quickbeam 23:21 03 Mar 2018

Gibraltar is a head in the sand problem that nobody wants to deal with yet.

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